War Blade Review: An Exquisite World of Myth

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By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

War Blade, a upcoming Epic 3D Fantasy MMORPG by Dream Square and Huize Time from China. It's a micro client game, which means you have to download a tiny client before playing, but you can also play it via your browser. Speak of Dream Square, you must be familiar with their classic game PAL Online. Well, what kind of surprise will this game bring to us which DreamSquare took 3 years to made?

First of all, it's a Chinese game, which means you have to know some Chinese to play it. As we all know, every game begins in character creation, so does this game. In War Blade, there are 4 classes for you to pick, which are warrior, Mage, Cleric and Nomad. Each class has its own type of attack and weapon. Though you can't see much option for you to customize your character at first, you can use avatar system and holy wing system to make them fit your personality later in game.

War Blade Screenshot

Mainline quest is the first thing you have to do in game. I'd say the newbie guide in War Blade is really good. Through the mainline quest you level up your character, activate game features, and learn the game step by step.

Combat in this game is just as generic as the standard MMO, you click to attack and move, but the AFK system really helps a lot in finishing quest. If you prefer to kill the mobs by your own, you must be proficient at using skills. In this game, you can use either mouse or keyboard to cast the skills. And speak of skills, there are profession skill and general skill in War Blade. You buy skill books from NPC and learn it, with your character leveling up, you can upgrade your skill level as well.

War Blade Screenshot

War Blade Screenshot

Wanna make yourself stronger, equipment is really important. You can use equip refining and jewel embedding to strengthen your character. There is a Godhead system which can level up your character's attribute as well. What's more, through the daily quest you can collect materials and obtain the holy wing to enhance your defense.

Pet and mount are good battle companion for you. Through mainline quest you can get a baby dragon and a unicorn mount. You can increase your dragon's attributes by Dragon Spirit System, and the main function of mount is increasing your speed. Just imagine that riding a huge mount or running on your foot, which one is cooler?

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To a game, graphic is really important. And I'd say graphic in this game is a rather big highlight. As they do use a small plugin, which makes the game run smoothly with an exquisite graphic. And since it's a 3D game, you can use your mouse to select and switch viewing angles. The style of game is a bit like Diablo, and you can see some well-done animation in game. Beautiful characters and gorgeous skill effects are needless to say, the map in War Blade also stands out. From sacred halls to vast wasteland, everywhere of this game is unique.

Though the game is still in beta phase, the quest system in game is really perfect. Besides the mainline quest, there are also various daily quest and clan quest for you to challenge. What's more, the dungeon system is a good choice when you're bored from your quests. There are daily dungeon and advance instances in War Blade, from daily dungeon you can gain rich exp and lots of items. And advance instance is quite a highlight in this game. The battle in it is following the grid routes, you need to finish it one by one. It's worth taking that you can see the champion of every level and how much time he spent in passing this level. Does it inspire you when seeing the distance between you and the most powerful player in game?

War Blade Screenshot

Rich social interaction is what I'm going to mention now. In War Blade, you'll never feel lonely in your adventure journey. You can meet new friends through Regimental war, chatting system, trading and teaming.


The game is still in beta phase, which means it's still incomplete. However through the brilliant game features we can see the developer is making this game with their heart. The game does have potential to attract both hardcore player and casual ones.



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