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V-petsite is a unique website which allows you to create and customize your very own virtual pet game. You will manage, design, edit and administer your pet game and will have many options to make it as unique as possible such as creating new pets and items, editing templates, changing settings and modifying features to suit your game ideas.

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Game Types

Possible Game Types
If you want to create a specific type of virtual pet game, our system is setup to tailor several kinds of game types from the typical Adopt and Take Care sims to more complex open world games.

Adopt and Care Games.
The most common kind of virtual pet game is of course to adopt and take care of your pets, this is possible with V-Petsite. Such features include a hunger system, so be sure to feed your pets. A mood system is also available in which you must give your pet toys to keep their mood up.

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Specific Breed Sims
If you want to create a sim game for a specific animal, this is also possible with our system. We have had Dog and Horse sims in the past.

Role play and Open Worlds
After listening to all our members over the years, version 3 of V-Petsite now offers more features for the RPG fans out there. Such new releases is the RPG explore system designed to cater for large world exploration and wild creature encounters!

Custom Game Types
With all the possible feature available, each one can be enabled and disabled giving you the power to mix your features to create a unique game play style.

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