Viva Ponata Guide: Five Ways to Get Money

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Viva Ponata

Viva Ponata V2 is a violent world full of opportunities with brutal story-line, mean community, new enemies and adult content. You can't get anywhere in the game without money, so here is the guide with the details of five ways to get money.

Five Ways to Get Money

By Jessiebelle on official forum

Money is needed to buy a weapon, a bodyguard, medical supplies, pills, adult media, flowers, cosmetics and so on. I'll go more into detail about the different categories of items later in this guide.

There are five different ways to get money in the game. The first is to get a job, the second is to go to the Red Light District and try your luck with some illegal activity, the third way is to try your luck at gambling, the fourth way is by buying a Pimp Brevet and purchasing Hoes and Bitches and finally you can try to rob another player.

So let's get a little more in-depth on the four options you were just told about. The first one is to get a job. On the left hand side of the screen you will see one of the links is called "Your Job". When you first join you start out jobless. So you should get one as it does two things for you. The first thing is it gives you a daily paycheck at 5 PM game time the second thing it does is at 6 PM game time it gives you a boost to several of your stats. These are your Power, Shine and IQ. I'll go over all your stats in a little bit. Of course the problem you are going to have right off the bat is that you won't meet the minimum requirement for the lowest job in the game. So in order to get the first job you will need to visit the "Sexy Gym", via the link on the left hand side and do a training session concentrating on your power. You start with a 10 power and need an 11 to get the Valet position at Purples Strip Club - Lap Dance 24/7.

The second option I mentioned is the illegal activities you can attempt in the Red Light District. So you will need to click on the "Red Lights" link on the left side of the screen. Once in the Red Light District you will see the 32 different options available to you to try in order to make some money. The lowest option of course pays the lowest dollar amount if you are successful and is the easiest to succeed at while on the other end the highest option will pay you the most but is also the hardest to do. There are a few factors that are used in figuring out how successful you can be. The first is your IQ, the second is your property, the third is what percentage your morale is at and the fourth is good old fashioned luck until you get a higher IQ and better property that is. So until you get a better IQ and better property, which I will go over with you a little later, I suggest that you only try any of these at 100% morale for your best chance of succeeding. Of course if you don’t succeed there are three possible outcomes for you. The first is nothing happens to you, the second is you get hurt and end up in the hospital and the final option is you get caught and go to jail. If you go to the hospital or jail there is a time that you will have to wait before you can get out. I'll go over the ways of getting out of both later.

Viva Ponata



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