Urban War: Cross-platform Browser Based RPG

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Urban War

Urban War is a browser based MMORPG with a single database across multiple platforms including Facebook, Myspace and soon to be released for the iPhone. The consistency across multiple platforms and devices combined with a simple user interface makes it extremely convenient and easy to navigate.

By playing Urban War, you enter into a virtual world where the city’s rubble-filled streets, towering buildings, narrow alleys, and cavernous sewage tunnels become your battlefield. There you’ll perform missions, fight other players, discover special technologies, connect with old friends, make new ones, and dominate the competition by climbing your way up the leader boards.

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  • True cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Experience
  • Brand new earn or buy achievement point system
  • Import your own picture or choose from dozens of available profile pictures
  • 100's of unique items, technologies, missions, and achievements
  • Fully robust messaging system and an in-game friends list helps define and create a truly unique user generated community
  • Brand new mission system that introduces fun rewards, challenges, and randomized surprises
  • New advanced PVP system complete with a bounty system and hitlist to engage in battle with players around the world
  • Detailed leaderboard showcasing the top players's achievements
  • Introduction of technologies that help provide a strategic advantage to those who do missions, PVP, or are looking to enhance your player in a number of different ways

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  • Complete Missions to earn experience, cash, and special items.
  • Fight others to earn experience and cash.
  • Buy or Earn Achievement Points to purchase technologies, properties, and special items
  • Invite your friends to grow your squad.  The larger the squad, the stronger you get.
  • Buy Land and Buildings to increase your income.
  • Buy Weapons and Armor to complete missions, fight others, and defend yourself against other players.
  • Dominate the leader boards to earn respect, achievements, and bonuses.
  • Make new friends, share new experiences, and have fun.

Urban War Screenshots
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