Urban Galaxy: 3D Real-time MMO Set in A Futuristic City

Date: Nov 30 2010 08:46:23 Source: BBGsite.com
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Urban Galaxy

Instant play

Experience Urban Galaxy wherever you are, directly from your web browser. An immersive, high quality, 3D world is waiting for you to explore in this Massive Multiplayer Online RPG.

A whole new world

Urban Galaxy offers a unique world set never seen before in the MMORPG genre. Ride your ship for a deep dive into the futuristic megapolis of Anassin.

Character development

The initial career class defines only the beginning of the adventure. While further progressing into the game, you will have numerous character and ship customization options, unlocked by gaining experience points, wealth and alliances with the strong factions and corporations of the game. Using experience points, you will be able to advance your character ranking and get skill points that can be spent on numerous character skills available in the game.


Life is hard, and Anassin is no exception. In a city corrupted by outlaw, corporate competition and conflicting politics, you will have to take sides and fight your way for recognition, wealth and power. The game features both PvE and PvP neighborhoods in order to maintain gameplay balance. Skirmish or party PvP is encouraged and rewarded within the quest and reputation system of the game.


Quests are divided into 4 main categories:

  • Career path quests, unlocked by the initial class selection.
  • The company wars, where the players will be able choose sides and experience group PvP battles
  • Local stories, which are random quests from various NPCs through out the game
  • Daily quests, which are repetitive quests that the players can take over and over again within the quest's respective level ranking


Urban Galaxy supports item and ship crafting through blueprints and character skills. A blueprint can be obtained through quests, item drops or purchased items. Combined with the required materials, you will be able to dock your ship into special manufacturing buildings for the construction process to take effect.


The Big boys are here, and they will not fall without a fight. Multiple player parties can join forces and engage into battles of strong difficulty, in special raid-boss controlled neighborhoods.


Cause and effect, action and reaction. Player choices affect everyone. Urban Galaxy's dynamic event system is set to ignite special world events of local or massive scale, triggered by player actions or quest choices. The Anassin News Network TV Channel (ANN) is here to keep you informed of the hot stories happening around the city at the time you play, either you missed them or not.

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