Urban Rivals Guide: Tips and Strategies

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The Deck

Urban Rivals

The construction of a deck matters on how you win the game

The deck of 8 cards - 4 of which will be randomly used in each battle - is the key to winning battles. No matter how nice you are, a bad deck will definitely cost you the battle. As such, deck-building strategies are important, and all of your decision-making happens before the battles actually happen.


Deck Construction Tips

Urban Rivals

Know Your Cards

As any Trading Card Game, knowing your card's abilities is one the key points to the success of the deck. You don't just put any cards at random or just because it has a "cool" graphic design.


Test Your Deck

Testing the deck is another way to determine if the deck can match up against any other decks. Note down the cards that you think does not fit with the dynamics of the deck and replace them with those you think will work. Keep testing the deck until it wins more matches.


Create Separate Decks for Each Game Formats

Not all deck constructions work on all game formats. the ELO format is usually the most strictest format since you are required to limit the total number star points to 25 and also exclude any cards that are banned for ELO format. So it's better to create separate deck constructions for each game formats.


Basic Battle Strategies

Urban Rivals

Tips on how to win matches

1.) Always check opponents card's statistics and abilities before playing your cards.

2.) It's better is you play your SOA/SOB of Full Stop Cards only as a response to you opponents presented card. Reserve them for cards that affects your Life points (minus X Life , Poison X, +Damage) .

3.) Always play defensive and manage your Pills well unless you have the Pillz advantage

4.) Play the One-Hit or Two Combos strategy only when the opponents SOB/SOA's cards are being played or the opponent has little Pillz left.

5.)If you opponent plays a high very Power card with only minimal damage (4 or less)(example: La Junta's Thormund or Wardog), use any of your filler cards or damage reduction card against the said card. Save your pillz by playing only one or two since your obviously gonna lose that round anyway.

Vansaar, the card trainer

Urban Rivals

If you where able to purchase a pack or a low level single card from the Market, chances are you will need some help accelerating their experience points to that each cards achieves Maximum level since all card abilities are usually unlocked when a card is at the optimum level.

With that in mind, Vansaar is there to help you. We are fortunate that we can get Vansaar as a reward when we reach Level 10. Vansaar (when at the maximum level) has the ability to boost each card's experience points by 90%.

Vansaar is best use with other un-leveled cards in a training type deck(See Deck formats) and play the Training game mode


First Turn is the Key

Urban Rivals

To Bluff or To Go all out, It always starts at the first turn

The first turn of the battle is arguably the most crucial. The player with more stars on the table will start first, giving the weaker player the opportunity to see his opponent play before deciding what to do.

It is common to open with a bluff, playing a strong card using very few pillz. If the opponent reacts with using a lot of pillz, they might have won the first round but would be at a pillz disadvantage. If the opponent doesn't spend pillz to defend, you would have done a fair amount of damage with just a small pillz investment.

Need Clintz? Play the Survival Game Mode

Urban Rivals

Win as many battles in a row as possible to pocket a stack of Clintz.

Once you have constructed your best deck, it's time to earn more Clintz for you to be able to purchase better cards for your deck. The Survivor game would be the venue for that. The game is basically win as many matches as possible in a row (winning 5 clintz per battle) while you increase your Jackpot prize. Once you lose, you will receive the Jackpot prize accumulated during your "survival" run.

Confidence versus Courage

What's the difference?

There are some players confuse the Confidence ability with Courage ability and I would like to expound the difference of the two card abilities

Will take the example of Cley of Skeelz:

Confidence: [effect]

"If a character belonging to the same "team" as THE CHARACTER wins a round, in the next round the stated card [effect] of THE CHARACTER will be activated"

Example Scenario:

Tomas (8/6) wins the round and on the next round you played Cley. With his Confidence: Power +3 ability, Cley's power (previously a 5) will now become 8.

Courage: [effect]

"When THE CHARACTER is played first in the round, THE CHARACTER's stated card [effect] is activated . When played second in the round, THE CHARACTER's card effect will not be activated."

Example Scenario:

Emma of the Pussycat clan has a card ability: Courage:Attack +12 she is played first. Then the opponent plays a card in response. Before battle happens, Emma will have additional 12 point to her total attack value.

Card Management Tips

Tips in Selling / Trading your cards

·Before selling your duplicate cards always check the current price value and the sales/trade forums. This way you can get a better deal instead of selling them directly to the public

·Hold on to those cards that are considered staple cards as they might be useful for you in the future or a trade them for more priority cards

·Before selling your doulbles cards always check the current price value and the sales/trade forums. This way you can get a better deal instead of selling them directly to the public

·When selling to the public, it better to add an additonal %5 to to the selling price to cover tax set by Kate

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