Ultimate Naruto Guide: Treasure Map

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Treasure Map is a feature unlocked at level 31 in Ultimate Naruto.

Everyday you get 5 treasure hunts(20 min or 15 min) (which has 5 silver refresh(1000 silver) and 10 gold (10 gold)) and 4 robberies.

Starting the hunt you get one map with different amount of silver and one of the following rewards:

  • S-ninjas recruit and upgrade item
  • Silver coupon
  • Treasure coupon
  • Jade box

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Then the hunt starts there is a chance to reduce hunt for 5 min(its basicaly impossible to don't get it).Treasure map space bar.

  • Death Coffin (30 000 silver) Haku's Tears, Curse Seal of Master Clan
  • Tree Cave (80 000 silver) Chidori, Book of Taboo, Haku's Tears
  • Relic Shrine (120 000 silver) Chidori, Icha Icha Paradise, Sand Gourd, First Hokage's Relic
  • Daimyo Tomb (150 000 silver) Icha Icha Paradise, Sand Gourd, Suzaku Ring, Fire Will, Sigil of Fire
  • Golem Treasure (200 000silver) Suzaka Ring, Sigil of Fire, Rinnnegann, Otoke Boya Yainma, Angel of Paper

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Robbery's can be made 2 times on same player and silver amount you get depends of the hunt map(its 10% of silver for robbery) the amount was stolen will be minus from player you robbing hunt in the end.

The robbery is base on Arena fight in which way its determinants the winner.

Reward is send to mail after treasure hunt is finish.

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