Ultimate Naruto Guide: Summon Beast

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When the main character reaches lv.20, summon beast system will be unlocked.

Forms of summon beast

Beast has 9 forms: from One-Tailed Shukaku to Nine-Tails Kurama

Ultimate Naruto summon

Beast Attribute Bonus

Beast Boost

Every type of beast has 10 levels. You can upgrade from One-Tailed Shukaku to reach level 10, then unlock the Two-Tailed, etc.

You can use silver or gold to boost.

Using different currency may get different cri. rate.

Critical is divided into L Critical and S Critical. L Critical enables you to level up directly; S Critical can double original EXP.

Refine Beast

When the main character reaches lv.72, refine beast will be unlocked.

You can only use gold to refine a beast.

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