Ultimate Naruto Guide: Star Map

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Star Map, a.k.a. Ninja Stars

  • In Ultimate Naruto, this feature is available at Lv.70.
  • All ninjas in the team own their own ninja stars.
  • You can spend Kage's Soul Points to unlock ninja stars and get the corresponding attribute bonus. (The attributes are effective to all battlefields.)
  • You can exchange two ninja's ninja stars with the Star Exchange feature (that costs nothing).
  • All ninjas will unlock the ninja stars each time you defeat a kage in the 7 Kages' Top Duel
  • While you dismiss a ninja, the Kage's Souls spent to light ninja star will all be refunded.
  • While you upgrade a ninja, the Kage's Souls spent to light ninja star will all be refunded.

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot

This is a display of the Seven Kage's Stars. From left to right: Kazekage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Raikage, Hokage, 4th Hokage, 1st Hokage.

The star can be leveled up six times:

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot

An example of what each one completely filled gives you can be seen in this tooltip:

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot

Ultimate Naruto

Ninja Stars

There is the possibility to exchange stars between ninjas at zero cost. This is useful if you change the ninjas in your formation.

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot



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