Ultimate Naruto Guide: S Weapon

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Types of S Weapons

Force S Weapon

Chakra S Weapon

Agility S Weapon

Power S Weapon


4 grade: blue, purple, gold and red.


Ultimate Naruto S.Wpn

Enhance S weapon can enhance the weapon's attributes

To enhance S weapon, identical un-enhanced S weapon is required.

S Weapon Upgrade Talisman can be used as a S Weapon.

Convert S Weapon

Ultimate Naruto S.Wpn

Only S weapon of the same grade can be converted.

Convert S Weapon requires one Weapon Convert Talisman.

Upgrade S Weapon

Ultimate Naruto S.Wpn

Only S Weapon above grade 3 can be upgraded.

After upgrading, grade 3 S weapon will turn into grade 4 S weapon.

Equip S Weapon

Only when character's grade(color) equal or higher than a S weapon's grade, this S weapon can be equipped.

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