Ultimate Naruto Guide: Realm

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In Ultimate Naruto, realm will unlock after completing lv.30 main quest.

To challenge for each round u need 3 vitality(which will be consume, if you victorious in challenge)

By complyting a chalage you get one of four S.Weapons

S. Weapons increase force, agility, power, and chakra.

To enhance S. Weapons u need 2 of the same kind.(lvl 30 S.Weapons can be enhanced to 5 and lvl 50 to 6)

Each realm contain 5 rounds:

Lv.30 Realm: 1.Rock Lee 2. Kurenai 3. Shikamaru 4. Asuma 5. Hinata + Sakura

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot

Lv.50 Realm

Lvl 50 real:1. Mitarashi Anko 2. Yamato 3.Hozuki Suigetsu 4.Naruto 5. Maito Gai

lvl 50 realm supplies you with better S.Weapons, which are lvl 2 S.Weapons(can be enhanced to 6)



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