Ultimate Naruto Guide: Ninja Club

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In Ultimate Naruto, aside from the Tavern, the Ninja Club is one of the places where players may recruit and make use of more playable ninjas. Unlike the Tavern where you have to play Janken to get souls to recruit, you simply have to fulfill certain requirements and accumulate special character specific items [NOTE: Sasuke is an exception with this regard, because you can obtain him with the first Top Up you make.]

Each ninja from the Ninja Club has a final tier upgrade which requires souls and further accumulation of special character items, and may at times require you to be at a particular VIP level. For more information on final tier forms, please click the respective ninja's name from the list below.

S-Ninja Lvl. 20-60

These are the 5 obtainable ninjas between Lvl. 20 and 60.

Ultimate Naruto

S-Ninja Lvl. 70-90

Ninjas obtainable within Lvls. 70 and 90

Ultimate Naruto

S-Ninja Lvl. 100

The final 3 ninjas obtainable at Lvl. 100.

Ultimate Naruto



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