Ultimate Naruto Guide: Master & Slave

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In Ultimate Naruto, players can become other players master by putting them on slavery.

If you are the master, you can have up to 3 slaves.

To capture the slave you need to defeat player you capturing(like arena fight).

To capture other players first you need to defeat them in arena, they can't be lower then 10 lv.

If player you trying to capture is a master, first you recapturing his slaves(basically you becoming there master instead of defeated player).

Slaves giving you exp every second for 24.00 h (or until been recaptured, resisted or rescued) which can be obtain(extract) any time.

You have 6 daily interaction which you can use to gain exp by interacting with slaves or your master.

you can use 4 functions on slaves:

  • Extract - giving you exp which he was working for
  • Press - for 10 gold can directly obtain slave working experience for 1 hour
  • Drain- use gold depends of hours left(10 g in a hour) to obtain all remaining working exp of the slave
  • Release - free your slave

You can give a hand for your guild members by rescuing them. You have 10 rescues in a day.

The you become slave you can resist and try to get freedom on your on, or ask for help sending request for each guild member once a day. Its automatically attack master and if defeated you get free.



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