Ultimate Naruto Equipment Guide

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Weapon(Kunai, Shuriken, Scroll): Physical attack/strategy attack bonus

Headband: Physical defense bonus

Armor: Physical defense bonus

Coat: Strategy defense bonus

Boots: Speed bonus

Belt: HP bonus

Ultimate Naruto

Equipment Level

1-3 new equipment will be available every 10 levels


Ultimate Naruto Grade

7 grade: white, green, blue, purple, gold, red, dark gold.

Equipment of different grade has different number of attributes(3 attributes at most).


There will be 2-6 sockets according to equipment’s level and grade.


Collect 2, 4, 6 specific equipment can get different attribute bonus.


Every equipment can be fortified. Fortify level cannot exceed main character’s level.

Ultimate Naruto Fortify

Fortification costs silver.


You can spend silver to refine equipment’s additional attribute


Inherit an old equipment’s fortify level to another equipment

Ultimate Naruto Inherit


Starting from lv.30, some new equipment that can be forged will be available every 10 levels.

Forging equipment will cost one general material and one special material.

Ultimate Naruto Forge

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