Ultimate Naruto Guide: Check in

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In Ultimate Naruto, by daily check-in you getiing 5points which you can spend in redeem items or recruit and upgrade S-class ninjas.

Then your check-in reaches 3days, 7 days, 14days, 21days, 30days you gets special reward.

  • 3days check-in You get purple ninja Hinata (Vanguard)
  • 7days check-in You get pack which contain lv.7 silver card*10, large exp scroll*5, lv.1 jade box*5, chidori*15
  • 14days check-in You get pack which contain lv.8 silver card*10, large exp scroll*10, lv.1 jade box*5, 'lv.2 jade box*2
  • 21days check-in 'You get pack which contain lv 9 * 10 silver card,Advanced exp scroll *10, Chan Scroll *5,lv1 jade box*5,lv 2 jade box*2
  • 30days check-in You get pack which contain lv 10*10 silver card,Treasure Talisman *10,S weapon enchance talisman*2,S weapon convert talisman*2,Lv2 Jade box*3,Lv3 Jade Box*2

Ultimate Naruto Screenshot



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