Ultimate Naruto Guide: Ability

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In Ultimate Naruto, players completed Main quest at level 7 gets access to S.Ability scroll.

By putting points in Ability Scroll players can gain new skills for captain(protagonist) and enchant his and/or other lanes (Vanguard, Assaulter, Support) stats.

There is different type of scrolls:

  • Rin(Pro) Scroll
  • Sha(Column) Scroll
  • Retsu(Front) Scroll

After completing Scroll captain gain improves his/her stats significantly.

Ability can be gain from:

  • Ninja Salary
  • First time stage clearance
  • Boss battle
  • Rebel ninja Activity damage rank(Top 10) reward
  • Rebel ninja Activity last hit kill reward

Chakra practise

To enhance abilities to all your crew members

There are 7 different kind of Chakra :

  • Fire - Enhance P.Attack
  • Thunder - Enhance P.Defense
  • Gold - Enhance S.Attack
  • Water - Enhance S.Defense
  • Earth - Enhance Strength
  • Wood - Enhance Immunity Rate
  • Wind - Enhance Speed

Every day you get 3 free practice and all others cost 100 k silver, if fail you get 70 k back.

There is another function to do 50 practise at once for 5 kk silver



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