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Transformice Guide: Shaman Techniques

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Summary: Shamans have the ability to summon physics objects in order to help their disciples reach the cheese. These objects must be assembled in creative ways to form contraptions to solve a given puzzle. Each contraption has a certain context in which it should be used, some being time consuming to make and others being quick and dirty solutions


These are fun, usually pointless items that can also be built.

Anvil God

Summon a long plank, then attach two large boxes with a motor anchor on either end.


Since the global anchored (B) planks always spin around their center, a well placed one can be used as a catapult by dropping an anvil onto it and standing on the opposite side. This is even more effective if you set up a system to drop a large amount of anvils on it and send your mouse into the air. This can also be used with down facing Drag balls.

Trampoline Box of Doom

Attach 4 trampolines together in a box configuration, using yellow joints. Any objects put inside, including players or balls, will accelerate to an extreme speed and fly out of the box.

Pile Elevator


The Pile Elevator consists of a large amount of planks placed on top of each other to slowly raise mice to a desired level. It is usually for entertainment purposes only, and is time-consuming. It can be built faster by using hotkeys.

Step Ladder


Order of operations: Ghost red short plank, 2x Yellow ghost long rotated plank, yellow solid small boxs, 3 ghost big boxs stacked, 1 long yellow solid plank. See picture.

Cat Flap


The cat flap is a short B anchored plank which only allows mice out but not in. This technique is useful for crowd control and can only be used on Bottling.

Dual Summoning

Dual summoning takes advantage of a sort of glitch. To perform, by using the numeral shortcuts for items, press any number, "N" (the hotkey to add rotating,) then the same number. This causes the shaman to cast two of any item at once. Use for taking care of trolls, enemy shaman, etc. Cannot be attached or at all ed but can be ghost.


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