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Transformice Guide: Shaman Techniques

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Summary: Shamans have the ability to summon physics objects in order to help their disciples reach the cheese. These objects must be assembled in creative ways to form contraptions to solve a given puzzle. Each contraption has a certain context in which it should be used, some being time consuming to make and others being quick and dirty solutions


Elevators are created by attaching two planks with a motor anchor, and cover any other method that lifts mice vertically.

Basic Elevator


Place a long plank on the ground and signal for all players to get on it, including you. Place another long plank with a rotating anchor in the middle (N) directly on the same position. It will begin to fold up like an X, bringing you up. This type of elevator is extremely simple and versatile, but it may collapse or get mice stuck inside. An additional tactic is to summon a short, globally anchored plank at the bottom half. So the elevator remains stuck once it can't twist past the plank. Useful for keeping the elevator at a single altitude.

Floor Design


Alternatively, summon a long plank on the ground, get on to it, and then summon another ghost plank underneath it. Then ghost and attach another long plank with the motor anchor. This elevator design causes less clutter and looks nice, but it often falls apart under high stress.

Box Elevator


The box elevator is one of the best solutions devised for Stairs, and is constructed by first placing a ghost small plank with a global anchor flat on the floor. Next, two ghost long planks must be anchored to either side of the short plank, pointing straight up, at a distance about equal to or slightly less than the width of a large box. Next, summon a coherent box inside and hoard your mice on top of it (a small box towards the side can help mice that have trouble jumping). Then, simply summon ghost boxes underneath the coherent box, and they will lift it up in the air. You may want to practice just how wide the planks need to be set apart in a private room. This is also known as "The Wonderboy."


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