The Porn Star Wars Tips: Tips for making drugs

Date: Oct 10 2010 09:27:04 Source: Offical Forum
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The Porn Star Wars

Tips for Making Drugs

When making drugs you need to choose a specialty, the recipe for the drugs, the proper lab equipment, and, of course, the ingredients.

You can't make drugs above the level of your lab. So if you have a lab level 3 you can make drugs of level 1, 2, and 3, but not of level 4 or 5.

To reach level 2 you need 50 completed drugs; level 3 requires 150; level 4, 500; and level 5, 1000. Those requirements are for all drugs you have made, that is, for the 150 drugs to reach level 3, it doesn't matter if they were 150 level 1 drugs or 50 level 1 and 100 level 2 drugs. But if you decide to quit your lab you will reset the counting back to zero.

The very first drug you try to make will always work, but after that there will be a chance of failure. The chance of being successful increases with your lab experience, that is, the number of drugs you successfully made. And the chance of being successful is not the same for all drugs. Once you each a new level making that new drug will feel just like making those level 1 drugs when you started your lab.

So here goes my tip. Did you just reach that new level with that bunch of ingredients you can finally use? Then, unless you need the drugs, hold back. The more drugs you make of previous levels, the less ingredients you will waste failing your highest level.

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