Review of The Porn Star Wars

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The Porn Star Wars

The Porn Star Wars is a game filled with violence, nudity, and adult material. No[Lan] thinks the game is just the clone of Viva Ponata (VP) at the first look. But then find several huge improvements over VP. You may take the list of things to do given in this article as reference before deciding whether to choose the game or not.

Review of The Porn Star Wars

By No[Lan] on sammyboyforum

At first look, the Porn Star Wars (PSW) is just a cheap clone of Viva Ponata (VP). However, there are several huge improvements over VP that makes this game worth playing.

There are more things to do when you just join at Level 1, I managed to get to level 5 on my first day. Just do gigs (crimes for VP players) whenever your skill level fills. Unlike on VP, i get stuck at level 1 doing crimes for many days. Money and items come a lot easier doing crimes and searching the bathroom.

Jobwise, it is affordable to train your job stats (Job skills and Intelligence), keep renting DVDs. At the start, the pay from your job is miserable compared to the money i am investing in my stats. But i am assuming that it will pay off in the long term.

List of things to do in order:
1)Do the highest level of gigs to increase your chances of getting items (I think lowest crimes give more exp but i am not sure)

2)Train in the gym for strength (to get promoted at job, not sure how high job pay will get in the future, still trying to get promoted a few more times to see)

3)Sell all your items that you keep getting and bank them in

4)Click on the vote site every day to get 25 condoms and sell them too

5)When you are comfortable with the cash in your bank, upgrade your house (You cannot sell your old house), and rent Dvds.

6)Last of all, search the bathroom, it give items but can end you up in hospital.

The Porn Star Wars



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