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After a short beta phase, a browser game called Totem has been released and is now playable on the Gamefuse website. It is a casual game and easy to pick up and play, featuring colorful graphics and a unique charm. There is also Facebook compatibility to enable you to invite your friends so they can help you and get in on the action.

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Gameplay is simple. When you start the game, you are given a choice of several races. The race you choose affects the units you will start with, and what your commander will look like. For example, I chose the orcs, so I started out with orcish units. Your race does not limit you past the tutorial, however, since you can obtain every unit of every race in the game without a problem. You do quests and fight other players to gain coins and experience points, which will enable you to get better units for your squad.

The main goal of the player will be to upgrade his squad to be able to win fights easier. There are several ways to make your squad stronger, starting with fusing them together. Fusing two units sacrifices one unit to make the other more powerful, and is a good way to deal with excess units you do not plan to use. You can then equip your units with armor and gear to make them more efficient fighters. Once on the field, you can support them with scrolls and upgradeable spells, giving you an edge against the competition. Fights are quick, and usually last no more than five minutes. You are situated on either the left or right of a field, usually the left unless you are in PvP, and you produce units from your squad using limited funds. Your soldiers move forward and fight automatically so all you have to worry about is the spells you use and the units you produce. The first team to kill the enemy team's commander wins the match. And be quick about it, since there is a totem in the middle of the field that grants a bonus to the team that gets to it first and controls more of the field.. The early bird gets the worm!

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Totem is not very graphically appealing, but that does not detract from the fun of the game, since there is a lot to do that can keep you occupied. First off, there is an Honor system. Completing daily quests and guild quests gives you honor, and the players that have the highest honor on a given day will be granted a reward. Speaking of guilds, you should make sure to join one as soon as possible. Along with guild quests and camaraderie, you also gain access to the guild store, guild lottery, and guild wages. You are given a daily salary in coins depending on your honor, but if you are in a guild you can also claim a guild wage that is dependent on your guild favor. Being in the guild, staying active, and doing quests gains you favor, which can be traded into the guild lottery and guild store for free stuff!

You can also take advantage of both PvE and PvP modes, each featuring different variations. PvP lets you fight other players in either a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match, featuring both matchmaking to instantly get you in on the action and a room browser in case you want to play against friends or guild mates. PvE is split between "Conquest" and "Hero Island". Conquest is a simple fight against computer players that get harder as you go on. Hero Island is more of a survival-type mode, where you create a squad and must hold that squad over several battles without being able to use your own spells or items, and your units do not heal automatically after every fight. Both modes can be very challenging, so creating the best squad you can is a must.

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Totem has a few minor problems, specifically with its PvP system. Unit gear and equipment is a large part of the game, so fighting someone who is on a significantly higher level than you can be difficult. The game needs more players to ensure a better matchmaking system so if you are interested in playing, by all means, go now!

This is a nice and well fleshed out browser game to play in your free time, and getting a good squad up can be very satisfying. Lag times in PvP can be a little frustrating, but playing PvP is not a requirement. In essence, playing Totem can give you the same sense of accomplishment as Pokemon. You start out with a squad of bad, lower level units, and eventually you work up to an unstoppable powerhouse crushing everything in your way. If you are interested, just go over to and give it a whirl. No download required, and you will not be disappointed.

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