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Totem is a new strategy browser based game that is brought to us by the Chinese-based company ChangYou and being hosted by GameFuse. The game has recently gone live from the closed beta, and brings a lot of potential players out to test out this new game. But for those who haven't heard of or haven't tried this game yet, is it worth trying out?

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Creating a character in the game is fairly basic, you currently get to choose from three races (with the fourth currently locked) and two genders from each race. The character creation however suffers a bit on the customization aspect, as your only way to customize from the start is if you're male or female and which portrait do you want to represent you. They offer avatars in the shop to boast different looks and portraits for your character, but it could still use a bit more flair.

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They did a pretty good job in keeping your attention in the game by offering a lot to do. Besides battling players, which I admit is a big draw for me, there are also other things you can do which are the main way you progress in the game; this is the campaign and hunting. The campaign has you battling different NPCs to unlock items and even some more troop members to join your cause. The hunting aspect is more of a way for you to send out a limited amount of troops to go and hunt for items that you can use to craft. It is a bit more difficult than the normal campaigns since the spells you can use are random and cost a magic stone, and once a troop dies in a level, you need to wait till after to try to revive them. The bad thing about having all these things to do is the casual aspect of the game, it does have an energy meter that fills as time progresses and drains as you participate in hunts, raids, and campaigns. This means that you can blow through the energy fairly fast and end up just being able to combine troops and go against other players.

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Combat in the game is actually fairly interesting. Your character is more of a navigator for the battle than an actual participant. Your role is to summon troops and cast spells to support those on the field. The way you win is by knocking out the other player's character with your troops. So to ensure you don't get wiped out, you need to select your troops and spell usage carefully; this is because each troop costs a certain amount of gold which you can earn by taking out troops on the other side. This also gives you a lot of freedom as there are a lot of troops you can collect, others you can fuse to make them even stronger, and items you can equip them with to make sure they're on the top of their form. This means that chances are you won't be going against someone with the same exact troop layout and even may see some new troops as you fight others. It is a pretty cool and diverse system.

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The game boasts some very nice graphics which is part of the reason they recommend the specs that they do before playing. They use the Unity player which gives a lot of flexibility and really does make the game look like something you would download, not something you would play in the browser.

Performance is one thing the game seems to struggle with at this point. Even on my higher end PC, it tends to actually lag my browser when loading or even on some standard screens, which is a bit odd, and doesn't even happen when I have thirty plus tabs open, it has actually locked up my browser a few times. This can be rather distracting, and doesn't bode well for those on the lower end PC market, as you may end up with a bit more lag than I.

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So, should you give this game a shot? In my opinion, yes, the game boasts a rather unique combat system and is interesting enough to keep you playing. The game is designed more for the casual player in mind, but still draws you in enough with the game to not really feel that way (till you run out of energy).

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