Totem Guide: Spell Using and Upgrading

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Totem is a new game being released on the Gamefuse portal by Changyou. Using spells is essential for you to win inside the battles. In this guide, we will go over how to use these spells and their effects in the game. Although you can see these descriptions in game, it is still good to have an easy to read list to show their effects, this will help you decide which ones are the best spells to cast in any given situation.

Totem Spell Overview

The spells in the game are divided into three major areas: Attack, Assist, and Strategy. The attack category spells can deal direct damage to enemy units. Assist can buff you or heal your own units. And lastly the strategy type is usually dealing with debuff type skills. The spells usages in battle will cost MP and have a certain cooldown period.

You can also upgrade the different spells to gain additional power for them, we will go over the spell upgrading in detail later in this guide.

Totem Attack Spells

Volley: Deal direct damage while ignoring enemy magic defense
Stormcall: Deal direct damage while ignoring enemy magic defense
Enfeeble: Reduce enemy's max HP by certain %.
Freeze: Freeze enemy units for certain amount of time. The frozen unit cannot move, attack, or be attacked.
Rockslide: Deal damage to enemy units. Additional damage toward light armor units.
Thunderstorm: Deal damage to enemy units and additional damage against heavy armor units.
Poison Gas: Deal damage to enemy units and extra damage against medium armor units.

Totem Assist Spells

Healing Circle: Heals friendly units in a circle
Heal: Heal single friendly unit.
War Horn: Increase movement speed in target area.
Bramble: Decrease enemy movement speed in target area.
Sacrifice: Sacrifice a friendly unit.
Injection: Increase physical damage of friendly units in target area.
Root: Immobilize enemy.
Ice Cell: Freeze enemies in target area.
Gold Crown: Deals damage while the kill will earn back unit's cost.
Blade Shell: Summon blades to damage nearby enemies.

Totem Strategy Spells

Blood Haze: Decrease enemy hit rate in target area.
Magic Lamp: Clears fog of War.
Teleport: Sends the summoned unit directly to the target area.
Enfeeble: Reduce Max HP
Freeze: Freeze enemy units. The frozen unit cannot move, attack, or be attacked.

Upgrading Your Spells

Once you have achieved a certain levels in the game, you can gather Amp currency to make your magic stronger. Depending on your VIP level, you can get a certain amount of AMP points per day. Higher level spells will be stronger and require more spell amp to train.



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