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The Arena battle for the Totem game is a great way to make your units stronger in the game. In this guide, we will focus on more aspect on the Arena and how it works in the game.

How is Totem Player Matched

First of all, the matching of Totem player arena is often thought as of unfair. However, the match generally looks at your current level and past battle winnings to match you. This means that if you win often, you will end up pairing up with stronger players. This means that the beginning battles may be easy opponents, but as you advance, you may start losing more and more.

Totem has two kinds of arena matches – 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2. Generally, you will earn more rewards with 2 vs 2 battles, however, you may get matched with a really weak partner and end up losing the battles. However, it is more fun to play with 2 vs 2 because there are more factors in play.

Booty Cards for Arena

Every day, you will be given some "booty cards". The booty cards offer additional Totem coin rewards when you play in the arena. You usually have enough booty cards to earn the extra coins the first 12 arena battles of the day. So always take advantage of those coin bonuses by playing and logging in on a daily basis.

PvP Strategy – Conserve Gold

One of the strategy sometimes used is that you and your partner can use a gambit. This is withhold sending out units until you have enough to send out 3 strong units at the same time. By coordinating with your Totem partner, you can send out the wave that functions as a team. This can work well if the enemy send a weak first wave. This way you can take them out quick without much loss to your units. However, the down fall of this strategy is that you would often give up the control of the Battle totem.

PvP Strategy – Working with Your Partner

Timing and unit selection is key to winning 2 vs 2 battles. It can be helpful if you have a few support units yourself. Observe the type of units that your partner is sending out, and you can send out your own Totem units to complement them. For example, if your partner is sending out a bunch of melee classes, consider sending out ranged units or support to help with the attack. Too many melees on the same map can hinder and block each other's paths and attacks.

Totem PvP Strategy – Attacking Path

Some of the Totem PvP maps have two paths that you can attack. Most of the players do not touch the path while battling in PvP. However, you can deal great element surprise by sending some of your Totem units through the upper path. If you can somehow sneak a strong units and take out enemy hero, you just may be able to win the Totem PvP Arena match easily.

Cast of Spells

The Arena element of casting spells is similar to the general battle guide. However, when you are playing in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 against real human players. You will have to note the type of spells that they are casting too. You do not want to stack your spells with your partner. And note that you can always do AoE spells where it makes the most sense. This means that you may want to buff your partner's units instead of yours. Using spells wisely is key to winning Totem arena PvP battles.

Level Difference

Now I would like to note this because you may sometimes paired up with people really below or above your levels. Sometimes the arena match can be ridiculous that you know you have no chance of winning at the start of the battle. Always note your opponents and your partner's levels. Do not feel bad or beat yourself if you lose against a high level Totem player. Usually every 10 levels in Totem is a dividing point. This means that if you are level 21, you have a fighting chance against players throug level 29. However, you typically will stand no chance against a level 30 player. You should note this early on in battle to decide if you want to fight on.

When to Give Up the Battle

This arena tip should be considered along side of the player level difference. Make some mental notes on when is a good time for you to give up the battle altogether. Depending on your playing strategy, spell, and gold in the game. There are points in the game where you know you cannot win anymore. At this stage in the Totem arena, it is better to stop summoning the units and just lose. Do not prolong the PvP battle any longer than you have to. You can quickly start another match after losing, so your goal is really to optimize and maximize your gold and loot gain via the Arena matches. Again, just know when to give up your fights, but never give up too early!



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