Totem Conquest and Hero Island Guide

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With so many Totem Conquest levels, sometimes it is hard to figure out where are the best places or conquest scenes for you to farm the Totem items. Totem is the latest unit strategy game published by In this guide, we will list out these conquest and Hero Island maps.

Conquest and Hero Island Overview

The Conquest and Hero Island maps are PvE maps where you can farm various items. Each of the challenge or attempt will cost 10 energy. Thus, it is essential to farm in the Totem stages that you know that you can beat, other wise you would just be wasting your valuable energy away.

After you have completed the Conquest and Hero Island maps, you will be able to "raid" which simply means that the computer will play the stage for you. This makes item farming in Totem more effortless and painless. However, the energy cost stays exactly the same – 10 energy.

In general, Conquest maps give you various items and unit cards. Hero Island maps give you rewards for Totem gear crafting. The conquest game play battle strategy is the normal one as the PvP. You can use your Totem units and Totem spells against enemies. However, the Hero Island works a little differently. You start with specific gold count, and as you swap units into your team, your initial gold count becomes less. You can only assign so many units per Hero Island game. You will use the same units throughout the different stages through Hero Island.

Totem Conquest Loot Rewards

Below is the list of all the special rewards offered in each of the stages. Please note that because "random reward" is listed in all of the stages, thus we have skipped listing them altogether.

Unit Card Box = UCB
Magical Unit Card Box = MUCB

Totem Conquest Stage: Rewards
1-4: None
5: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Lvl 1 MP Potion, Tyrant Scroll, Soul Chest
6-7: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Resist Scroll, HP Scroll
8-9: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Slow Scroll, Iron Wall Scroll
10: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Brave Scroll, Lvl 1 Mana Potion, Soul Chest
11: Tula'an Soul, Human Soul, Orc Soul
12: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Resist Scroll, Holy Scroll
13-14: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Slow Scroll, Acc. Scroll
15: UCB, Guardian Unit Card, Tyrant Scroll, Brave Scroll
16-17: UCB, Resist Scroll, HP Scroll
18-19: UCB, Slow Scroll, Iron Wall Scroll
20: UCB, Lvl 1 MP Potion, Lvl 1 Mana Potion
21: Tula'an Soul, Human Soul, Orc Soul
22: UCB, Resist Scroll x 2, Acc. Scroll x 2
23-24: UCB, Slow Scroll x 2, Holy Scroll x 2
25: MUCB, Lvl 1 MP Potion, Tyrant Scroll x 2
26-27: MUCB, Resist Scroll x 2, HP Scroll x 2
28-29: MUCB, Slow Scroll x 2, Aegis Scroll x 2
30: MUCB, UCB, Brave Scroll x 2, Lvl 1 Mana Potion
31: Tula'an Soul, Human Soul, Orc Soul

Totem Hero Island Rewards

Port Beach: Small White Gem, Silk x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Outer Forest: Small White Gem, Iron x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Inner Forest, Small White Gem, Silk x 2, 4, Iron x 2, 4



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