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Having stronger units is key to winning in Totem game hosted by Gamefuse. In this series of guides, we will go over the various things that you can do to make your in game units stronger. With stronger units, you will be able to win more Totem matches and battles. This guide is meant as an overview for beginners to get a handle on how to progress in the game.

Basic Units Stats and Attributes Overview

All of Totem's game units have these basic attribution and stats, the stats will directly affect the HP and other battle attributes in the game.

Sta.: Stamina affects HP.
Str.: Strength affects attack
Int.: Intelligence affects magic attack.
Luk.: Luck increases critical attack chance.
Def.: Affects physical defense rating.
Resistance: Affects magical defense rating.
Dex.: Dexerity increases dodge percentage.
Agi. Agility affects accuracy.


Based on the battle units that you are using, they all come with different skills each with their owns chances of activation.

Level 7: Unit Fuse

Fusing your Totem battle units together can fully boost your units potentials. By default, your units typically do not come fully powered or grown. By fusing your weaker units into your stronger totem units, you will make the strong units even more "perfect". All fusing attempts will have a certain percentage of success or failure chances.

Fuse will also cost a certain amount of coins for you.

Level 10: Blacksmith Functions

Totem has 2 main blacksmith functions to boost the power of your troop units. Craft can make additional equipment and gears based on the level of your Blacksmith. Enhance will help you boost the power of your gears and their stats.

We have prepared a list of the blacksmith levels and the gears that you can make. Use this chart to help you plan out your Totem gear crafting strategy.

Totem Blacksmith and Level EXP requirements

Level 2: 500 XP
Level 3: 2000 XP

Totem Blacksmith Crafting Material List

It should be noted that these crafting materials are mainly obtained via the Heroic Island campaigns.

Yellow Robe Armor 1 Sta +36 2 Silk 1650
Hide Bracer Bracer 1 Str +53 1 Silk 1500
Glistening Bracer (G) Bracer 1 Str +106
Luk (+8~+10)
8 Silk
6 Iron
Master's Protection (G) Armor 2 Str +91~95
Agi +15~19
12 Silk
7 Iron
Silver Snake Ring Trinket 2 Resis +9 6 Silk
6 Iron

Level 16: Enhance Units or Skills

At level 16, you can enhance your Totem units and level up their skills to deal additional damage.

How to Get More Units

You can get more Totem units through various ways. Below are some of the ways on how you can obtain the different Totem units in the game:

Conquests: Conquest stages sometimes will drop random loots.
Gift Boxes: Gift boxes are given at various stages of the game that will give you good units.
Special Events: Take note of the different special events and log in bonuses for extra Totem units.
Mystery Shop: Throughout the day, the mystery shop in Totem will be refreshed for additional cards and loots for you to get.

Notes on Totem Syphon

When you use Syphon function, it will turn your units back into coins for you to use. However, your spare units are better used to Fuse into your stronger soldiers. Very rarely do you want to Syphon your Totem units unless your main units are very built out.



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