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Coins are extremely important in the Totem game published by Gamefuse. You will need the coins to do the various upgrades to make your Totem units stronger. In this basic overview, we will go over all the methods for you to generate coins in the game. Please note that this guide is more of a simple overview towards beginners, or help the intermediate players as a reminder of various parts of the game. Please feel free to leave any comments and share this guide with your friends if you have found it helpful!

Level Up and Boost Your Units

In general, this is a question of egg first or chicken first. You will need stronger units to handle tougher levels, but higher levels will be able to grant you higher level loots, unit cards, as well as coin gains. However, we simply note here that you should aim to level up as much as possible to receive more coins through the PvE stages.

Best Way to Make Coin: Arena

The best way to get the most coins possible on a daily basis is through 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 Totem PvP Arena. Every day you will receive some "booty cards" that will give you boost to your coin reward. The boost is given regardless of you win or less in the arena fights. Thus, always log in on a daily basis and use up all of your booty cards.

More Coins from Arena

When you win in Arena fights, you will earn more coins compared to if you lost. However, you can choose to open coins bags as arena fight rewards regardless of winning or losing the battle. Although the coins earned through coin bag can be very little, but they do add up over time. However, always try your best to win in the fights for more Totem coins.

Conquest and Hero Island

When you complete the Totem Conquest and Hero Island, you will win small amount of coins. The coin gains are not the main focus of fighting in Conquest and Hero Island, however they are indeed a nice addition for the cost of your energy.

Daily Totem Online Coin Gifts

When you are online in Totem, you will earn different amount of coins based on the amount of time that you have been online. Below is a list of amount of time online for daily Totem rewards:

10 Minutes: 1000 Coins
30 Minutes: 2000 Coins
60 Minutes: 3000 coins
90 Minutes: 5000 Coins

Complete Totem Quests for Coin Rewards

Totem offers different quests throughout your adventure inside the game. Use these quests to help you earn more coins in the game. Depending on the quests, some of the Totem quests can totally boost your coin coffer in the game.

Earn and Save More Totem Coins Through Events

Throughout the day or time, Totem devleoper Gamefuse would offer special events to help you either make more coins or save more coins. For example, Buddy Bash offers more bonus coins if you win 2 vs 2 matches. And Fusion Discount help you save more coins during specific times of the day. Take advantage of those events offered for you to make and save your precious coins.

Aim for Higher Upgrade Chances

One of the worst way is to fail on your Fusion or various upgrade attempts. If possible, always wait for the timing until you have higher upgrade chances. Sometimes it is better to wait for a better time than waste your coins on a failed Totem item upgrade. By having more successful upgrade attempts, you will save a ton of coins over time.

Make Coins Via Castle Operations

Another easy way to get coins in Totem is through sending your units to "work" at castle operations. Always send your units to work whenever possible. This is one of the easiest method of making more coins in the game. In general, you will make more coins by doing the shortest time operations and continuously doing them. However, if you cannot be online all the time to start the new operation, choose a longer time frame Castle operations.

Above are all of the ways for you to make more Totem Coins. Hopefully this guide has helped you go get a handle on all the methods of making money in the game! Good luck creating the strongest army possible in the game



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