Totem Guide: Basic Battle Strategy

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In Totem, your goal is to get enough units and kill your enemies. In this basic battle strategy guide, we will give you some pointers on how to become a better player. Please note that this strategy guide for Totem is pretty basic for players who are not familiar with this type of game. However, by using all of the tips mentioned in here, you will for sure win more matches and pass the conquests more easily.

Speed is Key

Being first to move and deploy units is essential in Totem, you want to move as fast as the stage starts to take control of the Totem pole in the middle. You want to move fast so that you can have deployed multiples of the units out while waiting out for the cooldown. The bottom line is, have a game plan and send out those Totem units as fast as possible.

Timing of your Totem Units

Take into consideration of your Totem units movement speed, cool down time, and the amount of Gold generation while in battle. Your goal is to time your units so that they can act with each other to take down enemies. You do not want to not send enough units out and they end up dying in the battles. Timing is essential for you to win Totem matches and conquests stages.

Understanding the Basics of Units

Your Totem units in general come in different categories. These categories are: General units, attack units, ranged units, healers, support, and tanks. You will need to understand how and why they function a certain way in Totem battles. You should take advantage of the Totem unit tag system so that you know what you are using in battle. By using them correctly throughout the Totem match will help you win more battles.

Use of Magic Spells Wisely

Great spell usage can make or break your battles. As you level up in game, you will obtain more Totem spells that have different uses. Make sure you understand what these spells do and pick out a group the will give you the best edge in battle. Our personal favorite is the Heal circle which can boost the health of your units.

Control of Center Totem

This plays in part when you have to decide how to send out your units. Sometimes it may be wise to send out enough units to take control of the center. In general, whoever takes hold of the center in the beginning 30 seconds of the game will win the battle. The additional battles bonuses and gold boosts from Totem control is too much of an edge. Thus, a possible strategy is to use War Horn on your Totem units in the beginning of the match to boost their movement speed.

Basic Coin and Gold Management

The winning of the match is all about coin and gold management. In general, advanced units are stronger but yet cost more coins and gold to deploy. Thus you will have to make decisions about how to deploy your units the best way. Management the coins and gold generation and calculate that into your second and third wave of summons. If you manage your coins well, you will be able to optimize the deployment of your Totem units and win the matches.

Understanding Synergy of Your Units

Different units work differently with one another, your best bet is to test out the different combinations and see which ones work out the best for you. We will discuss some of these possible Totem team combination later in this post. However, we want to stress that it is essential for you to test out different combinations based on your spells, current units, and what people on your server typically use in the Totem PvP matches.

Upgrade Your Totem Units

Winning in game is purely based on the power of your Totem units, make sure you fuse them, obtain and craft the various gears, and lastly upgrade those gears to make your Totem units even stronger. Without decent and strong units, strategies and tactics in Totem will simply not work. Spend some time and effort to make them stronger is a valid strategy to win more Totem matches.

Technical Aspect of Totem

You cannot play well without a good computer, this means that you should do everything that you can to ensure your matches run smoothly technical wise. Restart your browser, check your computer, etc if you find your computer is acting and reacting slow to your commands, you do not want good Totem strategies wasted because of stupid internet and computer lag.

General Totem Playing Style Strategy

Below are some of the team units Totem combinations that you can consider to use to increase your chances of winning.

Healer + Melee
Melee + Ranged Attackers
Tank + Healer + Ranged Attackers
Melee + Healer + Support

The combination of your units can be pretty board, it really depends on how strong your units are. In general, we like the simple Totem strategies where we only focus on 2~3 strong units. This makes easy coin and gold management and you can use the strategy over and over. However, a good synergy of different units will give you slight edges over your Totem PvP opponents.



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