Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Review

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"Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is opening up a new battlefront on a brand new Wasteland. Check your gear and mount up - we’re launching operations on our first independent Web Portal! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a fresh start, or a new Commander straight out of the Academy - Strategic Command needs YOU! Your armies await your orders."

For every world, there must be a ruler. The planet lies is shambles around you, and only you can restore industry and civilization.

Develop your colony and instill loyalty in your followers. Discover lost knowledge, research the new technologies needed to control the weapons of the future, and claim your empire.
Lead the world’s greatest army, protect your people, and wage a total, ultimate war for superiority and control of the world’s resources.

You are not alone in your fight. If you desire power, you must form strong Alliances with your Friends. Exchange knowledge, combat experience, and resources. Together, you can defeat the hostile wastelands surrounding you. Find valuable lost artifacts and harness their power to unite or destroy the thousands of cities fighting for supremacy.

Bring them all under your command. This is your chance. This shattered world awaits your Domination.

Total Domination!



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