Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Guide: Military Buildings

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Once you have the technologies you'll be able to build advanced infantry, aircraft, and mechanized units.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy military buildings

Infantry Units

Build a barracks and get a parade ground as your first military buildings. Each unit has upgrade possibilites so click on them and train them up a new level to make the unit extra powerful. Let's look at the infantry units you can build in the barracks.
  • Troopers - These make up the core of your army and are cheapt to train. Beginners will want to train plenty of these.
  • Cyberdog - These are good for defensive purposes.
  • Gladiator - These units carry heavy weapons are are great for defense but are not to be used on the attack.
  • Valkyrie - Great offensive units.
  • Elite Trooper - Offensive better trooper but takes crystals to build.
  • Elite Cyberdog - Good for defese but takes crystals to build.
  • Elite Gladiator - Use crystals to build this advanced unit.
  • Elite Valkyrie - Another elite unit requiring crystals to build.

Military Factory / Military Arsenal

The military factory and arsenal provide your mechanized units in the game. In the military factory build Mongose, Light Tank, and Elite Mongose units. Once you build the factory get the arsenal and build Viper APC, Seige Tank, Elite Viper APC, Elite Seige Tank. These structures take additional technologies so check each one under the construction tab to see what you need prior to building the structure for your base.

S.C.A.R Training Complex / Artillery Factory / Artillery Center

This structure gives you even better units for your growing army. Build S.C.A.R Sniper, Anti Artillery Team, Asp Fireteam, and Elite Sniper units. In the artillery factory build Gauss Gun, Plasma Cannon, Elite Gauss Gun, Elite Plasma Cannon. In the artillery center build Qunatum Cannon, Disintegrator, Elite Quantum Cannon, Elite Desintegrator.

Airfield / Admirality

With ther airfield you can begin to make aircraft. You'll start with drones and elite drones in the airfield. With the Admirality build Interceptors, Fiighters, and Battlecrusiers along with their elite versions.

Command Center

The command center is the hub of your operations and you'll see all your military units here as well as any defending your base from attacks. This structure also shows your garrisons where you have troops and any friends you have bookmarked in the game. You can find allies, friends, enemies, and other people from the contacts tab.


You can turn friends into cyborgs by having them visit you and clicking on your cyborg lab or you can click them in your friends list at the bottom of the screen to turn them into cyborgs.You can make up to three of them each day and they have both offensive and defensive capabilites. Turn yourself into a cyborg by visiting your friends base and clicking on their lab.


Build a reserach center to begin to collect modules. The technology tab gives you a bunch of options for technology research but you need modules each day. You'll get one free from your tech advisor and you can buy and sell them from other people in the research center. Your friends can conduct research by clicking on your lab for a module and you can do the same. You need to collect several parts to complete the technology and have it available for research.Send modules you no longer need to Facebook friends playing the game or just trade them which is the better option.


Your base has many wallks and different turrets you can construct but many of these cost game crystals. Try to find crystal deposits on the map and take them by force so you can build your defenses. You will get some crystals from missions and free each day but it's not nearly enough to make a good defense in the game. The black market also has very expensive defensive units for purchase such as robotic units, various fences, and wires. Defensive structures are very crystal heavy to buy so build a bunch of defensive units instead or just save up for your base defenses.

Create Your War Machine

The game has plenty of great units to build but it will take some time to get all of them. There's a ton of research you need to do and if you don't have friends playuing it will be tough to get all the modules you need to do the proper research in the game. Check each day for your one free technology module which will help you out. Look for more detailed guides to come soon. Send a comment if you have a question about the game.



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