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A once prospering and balanced world fell in to pieces with the finding of Torpia, an Amulet with powers that have never been seen before. Where there once was dualism in every single human being, the Amulets bring out the best or worst in people. This resulted in small settlements of Good and Evil. The word has spread that finding the right combination of Amulets will give you ultimate power of the world as we know it. Here is guide about Brotherhood in Torpia. Check below.


By BigMamma from official site

What's the max level of the Brotherhood lodge?
The max level for it is 2. If you only like to join a Brotherhood, level 1 is enough to have. You'll need level 2 to start your own Brotherhood.

How many people can be in a Brotherhood?
The max amount of people is 150.

How to manage my Brotherhood?
For editing your Brotherhood profile, click on your Brotherhood Lodge and then click Change Profile. That will bring up the Brotherhood Name, Brotherhood avatar, and description.

Whatever you put in the description will be seen by anyone that looks at your Brotherhood's profile.

For the forums, I suggest making a Social Group on these forums and just setting it to invite only; makes it easy since members only have to register once and they're contained within these forums for quick and easy viewing, fewer external links.

What is each level (Grandmaster etc.) able to do and not do?
The Grandmaster can do everything. Can invite/ kickout brothers and can change the brotherhood information, (if you don't know what I mean by that then log onto the game goto stats and click on any brotherhood... under the logo or avatar is info about that brotherhood), grandmaster can also change the brotherhood picture or avatar and can change the rank of the other brothers.

The only thing "master" can't do is, change the rank of the other brothers and invite/kick other brothers.

The "apprentice" has can only invite other people and the "brothers" are just the members.

Brotherhoods. We all know them, hate them, love them, spy them. The most important thing to remember is to try to keep on the good side of them - unless you're powerful enough to take them all out.

Diplomacy is required for several things: Waiving new members, declaring a war, making a peace pact with other brotherhoods.

If you are the brotherhoods diplomat and you are trying to waive members for them, try to always send a message with an invitation. Would you go to a party if you got an invitation but you wouldn't know who's in it, where it is, and what it will consist of? I think the most of you wont. The diplomats message can be more personalised, but still needs to be a bit formal, you're reaching out to the people, but they still want to be treated well.

Here below is a standard message for diplomats to use when trying to waive players:

Hi there!

My name is ____ and I'm a diplomat for ___ I'm contacting you on behalf of ___ sending YOU an invitation to join us!

We think you would make an excellent addition to our brotherhood, combined with your skills and our knowledge we could make a great formation. As you may know, our brotherhood was started by ____ who is an very experienced player. We focus very much on ___ but we're also going to try to win!

You have been selected out of a very small amount of people to join us, so why wait? join us today.

Ofcourse as any other brotherhood we have certain rules - but don't worry about them, you can go check them out on our brotherhood page!

If you have any questions - feel free to contact me I hope to see you soon at ____

Yours Sincerely

I won't post any standard messages on here for declaring a war or trying to get peace with another brotherhood because these are things only a grandmaster does.

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