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Here is a guide to all the new toons. If you are having some problems getting around ToonsTunes and getting the basic idea of it, don't worry! This guide is exactly what you need.

The Interface

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, things may be very confusing to you. The best thing to get to know first is the interface, because it's what you'll be using the most for the rest of your time on ToonsTunes!

At the bottom of TT you will see what I like to call the "chat bar". It's where most of your practical buttons can be found! You can hover your mouse over each button to find out what it opens.

ToonsTunes Screenshot

My Alien – Here you can access your avatar window, through which you will be able to customize your alien with clothes, instruments, pets etc. and also view your current exp + dymonz and koynz balance. When you open it, you will see seven different tabs which are all labeled according to what they do.

ToonsTunes Screenshot

Smilies/Emoticons – You can open up the emoticons panel by hovering over this button with your cursor. There are plenty of smilies to choose from to express your feelings! Just remember not to spam with them, because they will show up in the chat log. Smilies can also be used by typing them out, for example ":)" will show the happy face and ":(" will show a sad face.

Map – The map is the fastest way of getting around ToonsTunes, and it's very easy to use too. Just open it up, and hover your cursor over each of the four posters and the items at the bottom to see where they take you, and what other places, games or shops can be found at them.

ToonsTunes Screenshot

Buddy List – This is the best way to keep track of all the friends you've made on TT, to see which of them are online and to invite them to a band/your pod! You can add someone to your buddy list by either opening up their playercard and then clicking on the "+" button or by clicking on the "+" button on your buddy list and then entering their username. The person who you're trying to add has to confirm if they want to be your buddy before they show up on your list as a buddy. At the bottom of the Buddies window, you will see a row of buttons. Just hover over them to find out what they do!

Chat - To chat with other players, simply just type in your message and press enter! If you have safe chat, though, you are only able to communicate with a list of messages selected by the moderators. To view the chat history, click on click on the little clock icon and the chat history will open up above the chat bar. It's as simple as that!



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