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Time travel Heroes is a new RPG/Strategy hybrid by Chinese developer Huayu Game. The game takes a more casual and mostly single player stance on the gameplay; which can be risky for an online game, but if done right can also be rather rewarding. Have they managed to do just that, or will the game turn out to be generic?

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So the game does the popular single player in a mmo aspect that a lot of these new games from China tend to do; where you're playing the browser game but your interaction with other players is extremely limited. This means while playing through the general story you don't really need to worry about things like being pked or harassed, but this also means it really isn't a sort of game you play with friends since that whole aspect is taken out, even though they have a guild system, the effect it really has is more for show than practical use.

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The use of mixing rpg and strategy isn't new as well, as the formula has been used in a lot of recent games. It even uses the pre-determined battle type system which has you go through the story line/quests – having you fight individual battles in a linear path to find your way to the boss and beat him. This continues with a rather linear path. The characters you can also recruit on your journey are also based off of this, leaving you with little to do. This is proven even more so with the lack of a lot of side quests, most of the game is playing through the story like with some side quests along the way, but not enough to really keep you busy. However it does also keep more of the traditional aspects such as individually leveling up your characters, and preparing gear for each one of them. Gear can also be upgraded through the Enhance system, which takes some of its inspiration from the strategy counter-part.

What I mean by this is, that from the more traditional strategy games which allow you to only upgrade a certain amount of buildings in a time-frame, the game takes that and uses that aspect for upgrading gear or tech. This can get tedious, since you need to wait a few minutes every time you upgrade a piece of gear, and trying to do it evenly for your whole party takes way too long to really be effective. This can in effect be something that would actually drive players away from the game and something they should seriously consider revising.

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Story in the game is fairly interesting. It touches on the ever popular Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. In the story Qin Shi Huang twisted time to bring the heroes from RoTK and incidentally your hero into the same period. Your character ends up fighting the heroes and even recruits them in order to try to stop Qin Shi Huang. The only crippling aspect of the story is that the translation is rather poor and it is easy to get lost or confused by the translator's use of words. This does take a bit away from it, but even then the story is rather interesting and unique in the term of MMO storylines.

The combat in the game is sorely lacking. It follows a similar formula to a lot of games of this type which has the player lay out their party in different formations, which you could unlock through the tech system. The characters each have their own levels, stats, specialties; which add to the RPG aspect of the game and steps a bit more away from the traditional strategy based gameplay. After you lay out your members, you then watch them auto fight another team. Yes, auto-fight. This tends to reduce involvement in the game even more-so in this already rather casual game; which in turn makes it fairly easy to lose interest.

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Overall the game is decent. It has some winning points in terms of the story being interesting and the RPG aspects having enough some depth in there. However the poor translation and the overly-casual gameplay tend to take a lot of the aspects from the game. With this type of set-up it means for a game like this, you will be playing it more for the story line than anything else.

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