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Game Intro

The first Time-travel SLG&RPG Game
Genre: 2D MMORPG&SLG Web Game


Qin Shihuang got an ancient treasure, and he twisted time and space and brought the historical heroes into the era of Three Kingdoms in order to collect their souls. Also the player will be brought into that world too, with a mission to help those heroes fight against the Demon Qin Shihuang.

In the game, the player will experience the stories of the Three Kingdoms and fight together with the historical heroes. Also the player can develop his own force and claim lord.

The game Time Travel Heroes has addictive game-plays and nicely-designed systems. The player can develop his heroes while appreciating the attractive plots, choose and deploy heroes, and enhance equipment as well as skills!

No matter you are a professional player or not, you can find your own pleasure. You can accumulate Exp by training, get equipment by passing required stages, and progress fast by becoming a VIP player! Besides, you will enjoy the systems like Destiny, Formations, Biographies, etc. All in all, the game is so creative and original; you don't want to try now?

The new player can get familiar to the game plays easily by referring to the user-friendly tutorial. So much fun is waiting for you here, you will see!

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot



Claim the lord with sword.
Skill: Melee ATK by sword. High EVA and agility.
Comment: Good at Melee ATK with sword, able to cause a great damage in a short time. High EVA and agility as major force in the battlefield. Has a good performance in all situations.


Conquer the world with spear.
Skill: Parry ATK by spear. High DEF.
Comment: With high DEF, ATK, Parry and spear as weapon, the Spearmen are the backbone of the army. Spearmen's HP is only second to Hercules. They can protect well the Archers and Strategists behind.


Defeat the enemy with archer.
Skill: Ranged ATK by crossbow. High Hit.
Comment: With high Hit and crossbow as weapon, the archers are good at ranged ATK. Special skill is Prick.

Strategist (Needed to be recruited)

Comment: The strategists include the immortals and the advisors, with feather fan, book, or instrument as weapon. They can hit the enemy by wisdom. They are good at attack the enemy and reduce the enemy's magic DEF. But they are low in HP, so you have to restore HP on time for them.

Hercules (Needed to be recruited)

Comment: The Hercules have the highest HP among all professions. They can defend all kinds of damage caused by the enemy. With Hercules in the front, other heroes at the back can perform well. Though they can cause low ATK, they have a high Counterattack.

Time Travel Heroes Screenshot


Far Background:

The ancient Empire Bell can twist time and space and collect the souls of the historical heroes together to generate a great power. After Qin Shihuang used the Elixir, he stayed in the mausoleum in Mount Li to study the Empire Bell, hoping to establish an imperishable dynasty. Sima Yi, a hero during the period of Three Kingdoms, slipped into Qin Shihuang Mausoleum for the Elixir to revive his friend Guo Jia, but unfortunately he got trapped in the Mausoleum by Qin Shihuang and was forced to tell the history of Three Kingdoms. In 2012, with Sima Yi's help, Qin Shihuang found the truth of the Empire Bell and twisted time and space and brought all famous heroes in history to the era of Three Kingdoms, and you were also included…

Near Background:

Dong Zhuo became under the control of Qin Shihuang. With the magic power provided by Qin Shihuang, Dong Zhuo's Army became more and more brutal and powerful and seized most of the land to the north of the Yangtze River in a short time. The heroes and soldiers defeated by Dong Zhuo all became demonized as his own followers.

Only very few immortals know the secret behind, while most people only found they were in a confused time and space. But the heroes were just demonized for a short time; after they became awake, they started to fight against Dong Zhuo.

When the story begins, Dong Zhuo's army is fighting the Yellow Turbans led by Zhang Jiao. At this time, our main character is coming…



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