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Here are the FAQs of HuaYu's new game Time Travel Heroes. Having character development as the core, Time Travel Heroes is an integration of RPG & SLG where players could experience both heroism and strategic formation in the war against evil. If you still don't know much about the game, just check below:

Basic Information

Q: How to get Strength?
1.Strength recovers 5 points every half an hour.
2. Extra 50 points of strength will be sent for free at 12:30pm and 7:00pm ever day, which will maintain till next sending.
3. Cost gold to buy strength. The higher level of VIP, the more chances to buy.

Q: How to buy Strength?
Click the "+" at the Strength bar on the upper left of the main interface to buy strength. For non-VIP players, one chance each day. Upgrade VIP levels and then you can have more chances to buy.

Q: The function of Divine?
You can divine to enhance heroes' attributes.

Q: The difference between Common ATK and Spell ATK?
The former is common attack, while the latter is skill attack.

Q: How much Strength will be cost for each stage?
Each common stage will cost 2 points of strength. The Boss stage will cost 3 points.

Q: How to collect Packages?
You can find from Notice in the main interface that some packages are available.

Q: How to finish quests?
After accepting the quest, click the yellow quest description and then search the way automatically. After finishing the quest, the system can help you automatically find the relevant NPC to report.

Q: How to accept branch quests?
Click Acceptable on the right side of the main interface, and you will find some quests with the word "Branch" at the beginning and these are Branch Quests. By finishing branch quests, you can get copper and Exp.

Q: How to accept Daily Quests?
After you finish the required quests and reach around Lv 20, Daily Quests will be unlocked. Click Daily on the main interface then you can accept Daily Quests.

Q: How to get Fortune Amulet? How to use it?
After you reach Lv 14 and finish the required quests, Fortune Amulet will be unlocked. Click Amulet to cost gold and then you can earn copper instead. The higher level of VIP, the more chances to use Fortune Amulet.

Q: If I'm not a VIP player, then how I can open Storehouse?
There's a storehouse in each city. Non-VIP players can click Storehouse to open it.

Q: How to get copper?
You can get copper by levying, using Fortune Amulet, challenging in Arena, finishing Red Cliff, joining World Boss War and Heroes Battle, and selling items.

Q: How to check reputation?
Click the avatar of the character and you will find the reputation value under the name.

Q: What can I do with reputation?
With reputation, you can go to Inn to recruit the heroes who have reputation requirement.

Q: How to get reputation?
You can get reputation by sacrificing, finishing Red Cliff, joining Heroes Battle, challenging the Demon, and challenging in Arena.

Q: What can I do with Practice?
With practice, you can upgrade Tech in order to enhance capacity.

Q: How to get Practice?
You can get Practice by finishing daily quests, Biographies, common stages, and Boss stages.

Q: How to get Faction Donation?
After you join a faction, the amount of reputation you earn equals to the amount of donation.

Q: Where to add HP?
You can buy HP Pack in Shop.

Q: If I'm offline, the training will continue?
Yes, it will continue. Even if you didn't click Train, when you are offline, the system will train automatically. For players below VIP 2, the system will auto-train for 8hr; for players of VIP 2 or above, the system will auto-train for 24hr.

About Functions:

Q: How much to recharge to become a VIP player?
Recharge 100 gold to become VIP 1.
Recharge 500 gold to become VIP 2.
Recharge 1000 gold to become VIP 3.
Recharge 2000 gold to become VIP4.
Recharge 5000 gold to become VIP 5.
Recharge 10,000 gold to become VIP6.
Recharge 20,000 gold to become VIP 7.
Recharge 50,000 gold to become VIP8.
Recharge 100,000 gold to become VIP 9.
Recharge 200,000 gold to become VIP 10.
Recharge 500,000 gold to become VIP 11.
Recharge 1,000,000 gold to become VIP 12.

Q: The functions of VIP?
Please refer to

Q: How to check Heroes' Attributes?
Click the button of Hero at the bottom of the main interface to check.

Q: How to check capacity?
Click Practice or Arena to check.

Q: Why I can't see the button of Levy after reaching Lv 24?
You can levy after finishing the main quest "Be Favored".

Q: What can I get from levy?
You can increase heroes' Exp and copper. Different ways of levy can bring you different amount of Exp and copper.

Q: How to use Levy?
After reaching Lv 24, you can click the button of Battlefield on the main interface. Then you will see the button of Levy at the lower right. Click Levy to enter the interface of Levy, and then you can operate as you want.

Q: How to find the biography quest?
After unlocking Biography, you can auto-search the way to finish the biography quests.

Q:How many times can I finish biography quests every day?
Once. (VIP players can buy chances by gold. The higher level of VIP, the more chances to buy.)

Q: In which level can I create Faction?
After reaching Lv 20 and finishing the quest "To Wu".

Q: How to get Break Through?
You can get it randomly by passing stages.

About Events:

Q: How to join Heroes Battle?
You can join Heroes Battle between 8:00pm-8:30pm every day.

Q: Can I choose a camp in Heroes Battle?
No, the camp will be assigned randomly.

Q: How to join Red Cliff?
After finishing required quests, you can unlock Red Cliff. Click the button of Cross River to play and you will get reputation and copper.

Q: Why don't I have the button of Cross River after reaching Lv 35?
You have to finish the main quest Hometown before unlocking it (So far only on PC).

Q: Why do I only have "Boat"?
The ships of higher levels need to be made by improving by gold.

Q: How many times can I challenge in Arena for free every day?
15 times at most. Between 2 challenges there will be CD time.

Q: When can I unlock 6 skills?
After finishing the quest "The Seal".

Q: When can I unlock Break Formation?
After reaching Lv 60 and finishing the quest "Hard Road".

About Equipment:

Q: How can I get equipment after entering the game?
After entering the game at the beginning, you can get an Equipment Pack of Lv 10, which will be available once you reach lv 10. Besides, you can also buy some nice Blue Equipment from the Item Shop-Equipment Trader.

Q: How to wear the equipment?
Open Bag and double click Equip to wear, or you can click the equip and the click Equip to wear.

Q: Will it be 100% successful to upgrade the equipment? Any CD time between two upgrades?
Yes, 100% success rate. As the equipment upgrades, the longer CD time will be between two upgrades.

Q: How many enhance queues can I unlock at most?
3 at most after reaching VIP 2.

Q: As equipment upgrades, will the success rate become lower?

Q: How to get the Purple Blueprint of Lv 20?
After Biography is unlocked, you can challenge the biographies of Zhou Cang and above to get the Purple Blueprint of Lv 20.

Q: How to get the Purple Equipment Blueprint of Lv 20?
The Purple Weapon Blueprint of Lv 20 are mainly got by passing Xu Shu stage.
The Purple equipment Blueprint of Lv 30 are mainly got by passing Ma Chao stage.
The Purple Armor Blueprint of Lv 20 are mainly got by passing Zhang Liao stage.

Q: How to get the Purple Equipment Blueprint of Lv 40?
Mainly got by passing Sun Ce stage.

Q: How to make the Purple Equipment of Lv 40?
Firstly, you have to get it by finishing the required stages. Then collect all the materials needed to make the purple equipment. Note: Purple equipment of Lv 20 will be needed, so don't sell them.

Q: How to get Blue Equipment of Lv 40?
You can get them randomly by finishing quests, or you can buy them from store.

About Destiny

Q: How to explore Destiny?
When you reach Lv 20 and finish the required quests, you will unlock Destiny. Click Destiny and you can start exploring.

Q: What's the function of Destinies?
Destinies of different levels have different characteristics. You can equip different destinies to enhance capacity.

Q: Which type of Destiny is the best?
Destinies are divided into colors from low to high: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange.

Q: The cost for explorations?
Longzhong (8,000copper), Red Cliff(10,000copper), Mount Qi(20,000copper), Wuzhangyuan(40,000copper), Kunlunxu(60,000copper). Players who reach VIP 5 can Intrude Wuzhangyuan directly.

Q: How to upgrade Destiny?
You can use the destiny of a higher level to eat the one of a lower level to accumulate Exp and upgrade.

Q: The rules to Eat?
If colors are different: The orange eats the red, the red eats the purple, the purple eats the blue, and the blue eats the green.
If colors are the same: The one of a higher level eats the one of a lower level.

Q: How to get the Destiny Eternity?
By exploring.

Q: About the Destiny Exp?
Upgrade Destiny will increase Destiny Exp.

Materials Dropped

Q: How to get Tassel?
Get it by finishing the quests Outer Palace 1-5.

Q: How to get Soul Stone?
Get it by finishing the quests Wu Tomb 1-6.

Q: How to get Bead?
Get it by finishing the stage Dew Temple.

Q: How to get Ghost?
Get it by finishing the quests Wu Tomb 12-14

Q: How to get String?
Get it by finishing the stage Inner Palace.

Q: How to get Jade Pendant?
Get it by finishing the quests Inner Palace 1-6 and 11.

Q: How to get Seal Scraps?
Get it by finishing the quest Wu Tomb 14.

About Strategy

Q: How many formations?
Elements: Enhances Parry.
Wing: Enhances Common ATK.
Arrow: Enhances Spell ATK.
Scale: Enhances CRT.
Confusing: Enhances EVA.
8-trigram: Enhances Hit.
Echelon: Enhances Common DEF.
Snake: Enhances Magic ATK.

Q: How to deploy 4 heroes in the formation?
After you reach lv 30 and the formation reaches lv 5.

Q: How to enhance capacity?
Mainly by enhancing equipment and Destiny Exp.

Q: What can affect First Strike?
Equipment level, Destiny Exp, character Lv, and formation Lv.

Q: After which level will the divination price rise?
After Lv 20, divination price will rise a time per 10 levels.

Q: What's the function of Knife?
It can raise the Grind rate.

Q: How to enter the Biography Maps?
Click Battlefield in the interface of City and you will find Biographies. Or you can enter by clicking the button of Biography on the upper side of the interface.

Q: When I can unlock Ma Chao Stage?
After reaching Lv 40.

Q: What level of VIP players can make equipment directly without getting materials?
VIP 4.

About Heroes

Q: How to recruit heroes?
Go to Inn to recruit.

Q: Any requirement to meet before recruiting heroes?
Please refer to Heroes List.

Q: How to recruit hero Xiao Meng? What is his skill?
After your reputation reaches 1000, you can go to Inn to recruit Xiao Meng. His Skill: Collapse.

Q: How to get Diao Chan?
After passing Luoyang Tomb 12 of Lv 44 and accumulating 20,000 reputation, you can recruit her.

Q: How to get Chen Gong?
After passing Dujiang Dam of Lv 60 and accumulating 1,800,000 reputation, you can recruit him.



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