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In the world of Throne Of Myth Silver (money in the game) is very important for every players, since it's needed for everything that related on keeping your Character's Survive on the Daily Basis. Here are the list of things/activities you can do to gain and earn Silver in-game.

1.Alchemist's Cave (Solo)

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Level Requirements: Lvl 35 -100

Alchemist's Cave have 2 Different Mode, It has a Normal Mode and a Herioc Mode.

Normal Mode- In Normal Mode you can obtain Bound coins/silver

Herioc Mode- In Normal Mode You can obtain Unbound coins/silver

2.Ancient Ice Spirit ( Escort)

Guides of it can be follow up here:

3.Selling Items Via Booth ( Market)

You can set up and open Booth anywhere, You can do instance, leveling, etc etc while your booth is open.

All you need to do is wait and pray someone will buy your items.

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