Throne of Myth Guide: Introduction to Siphon

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Introduction to Siphon

Siphon is a very important way to increase pet's stats. this is a basic introduction to siphon system in Throne of Myth.

First, click "Siphon" option at the pet board to enter the following board.

Throne of Myth Screenshot


1. Click the Common Siphon, Uncommon Siphon, Superior Siphon, Premium Siphon or Ultimate Siphon to obtain 1 soul at a time.

PS: Except for 1 soul, you also have a chance to unlock the higher level siphon by clicking the Common Siphon.

2. You can click "Quick Siphon" to randomly fill all the 18 soul slots. The ingots cost is not fixed because the higher level siphon methods will be prior.

Daily Siphon:

You have 3 free chances to use siphon each day. (If you use Quick Siphon, the first 3 souls will be free.)

Detailed Introduction:

Common Siphon: Costs 5 ingots or 5 Credits each time. Have a chance to obtain common and uncommon souls. Increases 1 siphon point each time.
Uncommon Siphon: Costs 10 ingots or 10 credits each time. Have a chance to obtain common, uncommon and rare souls. Increases 2 siphon points each time.
Superior Siphon: Costs 20 ingots. Have a chance to obtain uncommon, rare and epic souls. Increases 5 siphon points each time.
Premium Siphon: Costs 40 ingots. Have a chance to obtain rare, epic and legendary souls. Increases 10 siphon points each time.
Ultimate Siphon: Costs 80 ingots. Have a chance to obtain epic and legendary souls. Increases 20 siphon points each time.

Siphon Point:

You can use siphon points to exchange for epic, legendary and godlike souls. The required points depend on the soul quality.

Throne of Myth Screenshot

Hope you have a better understanding about siphon and soul now. Hurry to improve your pet's power through souls.



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