Throne of Myth Guide: How to Play Escort Ancient Ice

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This guide is about the Escort Ancient Ice in Throne of Myth. If you still have any problem about this feature, just check this guide. Thank zero who posted it on Official Forum.

Story behind the scene:

Rosy Hill had always been a peaceful haven until the Evil Dragon cast horror upon the people.They were all out of their minds, running around doing the Evil Dragon's dirty work. To save them, Master Cang used up his power freezing the North Sea water to Ancient Ice and built a spell weave to seal the Evil Dragon. However, years of exposure under the Sun has melted much of the ice. The spell weave is weakening. The people are in the danger of facing the dragon again!

To contain the situation, you will have to escort more Ancient Ice to where the spell weave is. Now, go to Master Cang and claim the Ancient Ice!


(1) Your Character Level need to be ≥30.
(2) You can do the quest up to 3 times a day.


After you've claimed the Ancient Ice, you would be put on a board until you reach your destination.
When your quest color is purple or above, the system will broadcast your adventure to all!
Every day at 19:00~19:30 you can gain double-exp with this quest!

How to do it

1. Go to Imperial City-Ancient Ice Spirit.

Throne of Myth Screenshot

2. Choose "Claim Ancient Ice".

Throne of Myth Screenshot

3. The interface will show your current quest color. You can use Icy Soul Shards and Ingots to refresh the color to your content. The better the color, the more the rewards.

Throne of Myth Screenshot

4. Once you've locked down a quest color, click "Accept" to start quest.

Throne of Myth Screenshot

The less time you take escorting the Ancient Ice to the target NPC, the more rewards you will get. If you press the direction keys in the right order as instructed on the screen you will speed up; otherwise you will slow down. A different kind of fun. And that's our mini gift to you.

Throne of Myth Screenshot

You must press the right keys before the bar slides to the end.

The Top 10 players of every Thursday's double-exp escort event can enter the Ancient Ice Happy Hour event held during 19:40~20:00 on the same day. All participants will be able to claim free gold color quests with handsome rewards! The Top 3 winners of the Happy Hour event will also attain awesome titles!

Happy Hour Titles:

First Place: Super God
Second Place: Godlike Existence
Third Place: Race Winner


Once you've accepted the quest and before you reach your destination, you won't be able to teleport or use a mount.



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