Throne of Myth Guide: Guild Quest

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This guide is about the guild quest in Throne of Myth. If you have any problem about it, just check this guide:

Requirement: Players (Level 33 minimum) who have guild. Otherwise, they won't get Guild Quest.

This guild quest has 5 loops (5 sub-quests per loop). Each loop receives EXP and 10 Contribution Points plus two Icy Soul Shards upon 3rd and 5th loop. In addition, he/she will receive Bonus EXP, Giftedness or both if he/she follow a specific pattern as pictured below:

Throne of Myth Screenshot

To do Guild sub-quests per Loop, you must first approach an NPC named Sima the Wise, pictured below:

Throne of Myth Screenshot

As mentioned before, doing quests in particular order will receive Bonus EXP, Giftedness or both. However, this is not going to be easy since NPC pattern sometimes gets mixed up. That's why there's an option by pressing "Use 5 S to Refresh" and yes, it costs 5 silvers (unbound/bound) per refresh. Please note that you can speed up your guild sub-quest but it will cost you 2 ingots each. Here is the list of NPCs and his/her specific objectives/functions:

Throne of Myth Screenshot
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