Three Kingdoms Online Review

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Three Kingdoms Online

Three Kingdoms Online is a browser based MMO-SLG game. It is based on ancient Chinese history, and includes many features that are related to the Chinese culture. Here is a review by Brian Lamacraft from Check below.

Three Kingdoms Online Review

By Brian Lamacraft from

Three Kingdoms Online is the latest in a series of browser strategy games which all follow the same formula. Players start with a basic town center and resource fields that need to be filled with population to produce goods. Each city requires food, wood, iron, and stone to help with building production, technology, and troop making. Each resource plot will take a certain amount of time to upgrade to the next level. In the game there are several levels that you can upgrade all your buildings to for better economy or military might. You have many different buildings in your town such as a barracks, library, weaponsmith, armory, warehouse, and career center. Each building will help with the growth of your city until you can eventually get another city and continue to grow your fledging empire.

In your city you also heave defenses such as walls that you can equip with fortifications such as logs, barricades, and traps. As you upgrade your walls they will be harder to penetrate for your enemies. In your town barracks you can recruit different troop types such as swordsmen, guardsmen, and heavy infantry among others. You will need to unlock technology to gain access to al the troop types. This research can be accomplished if you have the drill ground building for troops. With an armor smith and weaponsmith you can upgrade your troops armor and weapons. If you build a scout camp you can recruit archers and with a stable cavalry become available to you. You can also recruit hero units to help you fight and govern your town.

It will take some time to fully develop your city and do all the training and recruiting of troops that you will requite and that is where an alliance can help. In the game you can join an alliance or create one yourself so you can group together with other people to fight your enemies. It is not recommended that you fight alone because you will be crushed by the stronger players. Early on in your game you should think about joining an alliance. As single player you can complete quests that will provide you with resources and other items you can use to further enhance your town. Each quest build upon the next one and there are always different quests for you to do especially early on in your game.

Three Kingdoms Online is a fun browser style strategy game that has a lot to offer the strategy gamer who wants to play a free, fun game online. You must be patient with game play as it can take some time to fully develop your town and move onto fighting your enemies.




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