The Legacy of the Holy Castle Review: Medieval Sensations

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1100 AD

This is a review of The Legacy of Holy Castle from ONRPG. The author says the interface is pretty neat. And it has the planned skirmish, but the combat system doesn't feel too immersive... Check details below:

The Legacy of Holy Castle Review: Medieval Sensations

By Kei Beneza on OnRPG

After playing the game for countless hours, I managed to reach a point wherein I'm able to train units.  Much like any MMO, you need currency to survive. The thing is, this game respects the RTS (real time strategy) form of currency which revolves around Money, wood, food and gems. Combat is as simple as a game of rock, papers, scissors. In my opinion it's a bit lame but it does make it easier for you to strategize- not to mention less AI required. I think this system has been used for games like Guilty Gear Overture (XBox 360) and Advance Wars (GBA, DS). There's nothing wrong with this type of gameplay since it reduces unit spamming to a minimum (No Zergling rush here folks!). …


The interface is truly amazing, with awesome popup messages that indicate either your success or failure. The menu looks pretty nifty as it resembles those old school Dungeons and Dragons Manuals.  The map interface doesn't look bad as well as it lets you build defensive towers of some sort to help protect your Heroic Fortress. In fact, the overall visuals are really impressive for a browser game. You can also place your units on the unit location map which consists of trees and plants which are supposed to serve as some form of obstruction. When it comes to visuals, I'd say Legacy of the Holy castle is pretty well done.

The verdict

All in all, I'd say this game is pretty good. I still log in to my account to check for updates regularly. It's rather funny that you have to send your own hero to do lumber work when you have troops at your disposal. Unfortunately, these guys never played warcraft so I guess they wouldn't know the idea of hiring peasants LOL. 

The interface is pretty neat! Needs a bit more tweaking in terms of visuals but it'll do for now. The way you position your troops is one thing, but the combat system greatly affects (destroys) this type of system. If you place your ranged unit far from the others, it won't make any difference as it's relatively just another game of rock papers scissors. In my opinion, they could've just given each unit a higher percentage of victory over the other, not an all out defeat, such as when a knight would always have to bend over when facing a ranger.  The broken links are a drag so I hope they fix it soon.

The good:
- Awesome interface
- Planned Skirmish
- Unit Location
- Map system
- Quests

The bad:
- Broken Links
- Repetitive
- Combat System doesn't feel too immersive (I prefer dice rolls LOL).

Here is the guide: The Legacy of Holy Castle Beginner Guide



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