The Crusades Guide: System's Tutorial (Server 1)

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The Crusades

The Crusades is a medieval browser based game you can play for free. There are two servers in the game world. Here is the system’s tutorial for server 1 only. It’s helpful in your rounds.

System's Tutorial for Server 1

By asan on official forum

At first you should consider a nice location for your castle on the map.
Sticking right to the coasts or far behind is bad as well, having a location in the middle helps
you in finding castles to overtake and farm in decent time.

Now, push up a couple of levels of stone and wood. So your mines become (7,7,5) ..
My tut doesn't depend on heavy mines at first, but a couple of each at first are cheap and
will make the next step faster

You are going to go directly for swordsmen, And that's the point of My tut
You will build
5 levels of Headquarters,
2 levels of blacksmith and
barracks level 1  
as a start, that will take some time like a day to do. Then you will upgrade swordsmen in the blacksmith.
NOTE: you will find that your ranking is going down at the way to get swords, never worry about it!
Alot of player of high ranks at first week build useless stuff that gives alot of points, never care.

Now you got Barracks lvl 1, make 10 swordsmen, i know 10 won't come so fast and lvl 1 produces very slow,
but dont upgrade to lvl2 untill the next step, because Level 1 makes sword per 27 mins (as much I remember)
and your production rate wont be enough to make more than 1 sword per 27 mins, so just keep it lvl 1 till the next step.

You got 10 swords and of course a hero!,Get your first victim   .. but now ..who to attack ?
he could have few defences and i get slayed .., i would say nope .. you will always find 68 pts people around you..
you will keep farming 68 pts people at first as they are peaceful

Found em ? Attacked  ? congrats   Goods 50 50 50, Send over and over ..
and make more swordsmen with what your farm, now you feel the barracks is slow ?
upgrade to level 2, and never waste a moment, farm always..

The Crusades



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