The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Review

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The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks

The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World is an exciting new massive online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14. It promises an experience in which players will be able to travel to places around the world, through time and space, meet famous historical people, play dozens of fun enriching games, make new friends, buy exotic islands, build culture-inspired houses, wear clothes from different countries, explore secret locations, solve mysteries and become a legendary traveler! Here is a review by Floppy. Check below.

Floppy Review of Wiglington and Wenks

From Official Site

I first joined the game before there was a virtual world to play in. I got an email to try out closed beta, which is a whole lot different from now as it has grown so much. I wasn't active at all then because you couldn't travel and there was barely anyone online as not everyone was chosen to be a closed beta.

Then, open beta came and I wasn't really active at all as I'm not sure what happened around Christmas time. But, after a little while, I remembered about the game and started to be more active meeting a whole lot of nice people.

Now, I thought that the game wasn't going to be a success at first and I thought it was going to be boring, to be truthful. But boy was I wrong after it launched!

The locations are amazing and you can learn so much there. One thing I love about the locations is that there is different music everywhere you go so it fits the surrounding.

The pets are adorable and I can't wait to see what else Wiglington and Wenks are going to add.

The players are a mixture of personalities. Some are good, funny, and kind, while others may be bad and rude. But we have moderators who are very active and they help sort many things out in a nicely manner. Party masters are well just great people and great friends when you need a smile or laugh!

Even though I'm not a member, there are so many things that I can do including going to many locations, buying clothes, buying and island and house, and so much more. In other games, members get everything which I thought was going to happen in this one, but it is so different in a good way.

The Historical People are very interesting and this is the first game I've played where you do quests to help them and learn about them also (you can click on them in your wiki if you've met them, and it gives a whole lot of information about them that I never knew!)

The games are great…you have fun while earning rollars (the money system which is a very creative name!)

Other exclusives you can get are memberships and credits. For members, you can access special rooms and clothing and also get a discount on some items! Credits...oh how I love credits. Even though you have to buy them, you can get so many amazing costumes that WW provides! I haven't bought any, but I've won some in contests at parties which everyone else can too!

One word I would describe this game is surprising as it surprised me a whole lot when I got super active. I would definitely give Wiglington and Wenks a full FIVE STARS as it is truly amazing


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