The West Guide: Guide to The Raid

The West

The first quest, Burying, comes from the sheriff. It's only available on Friday, server time. The reward from this quest (the letter, not the 300 XP) should lead you to the next one...

The West Guide: Guide to The Raid

By Elmyr on official forum
Coyote Desert of Capura
As the letter says, the quest giver for the second quest, "Listening", is in the southeast. All the way in the southeast, although not in the very corner like Mugridge, but closer to the opposite corner. It doesn't specify the exact day, just within 5 business days, but it's on Tuesday. The quest has to be accepted and completed on a Tuesday, but you can wait a week if you didn't plan ahead and purchase a green shawl in advance. The 60 hiding requirement must be concurrent with the green shawl requirement, so you can't use a brown shawl for the hiding and then a green to complete the quest.

After the second quest, it's time to make the decision: tell the sheriff what you heard ("Notifying", with the sheriff as the quest giver) or join the outlaws ("Emerging", with the quest giver as the Coyote Desert still).

Which path to choose?
The simplest factors are your specs and the rewards. As far as specs go, the first path is largely shooting oriented (bounty hunter, ambush stagecoach, guarding the stage coach, robbing settlers, robbing trains, and prison guard) and the second path is largely hiding and leadership (burglary, guarding the stage coach, chasing bandits, transporting prisoners). The other big difference is the rewards: the walking stick or all-important ? in the first path and nothing worth mentioning on the second, besides cash, XP, and the same AP/SP as the first path.

Some people chose the second path based on the "good" precedence of Waupee's way in the Decision and Three Rivers, but the fact that you get the ? in the first path kind of takes away from that argument. Of course you might also choose to take the second path for RP purposes, and that's you're prerogative.

The next three quests of the first path continue at Coyote Desert, through "Whacking", in which you duel the Traitor. The second path continues to use the sheriff, besides one quest from Waupee, until going to on Forest for the final quest.

on Forest
The second path shows up here first, but the first path spends more time here. on Forest is located in the third row of the fifth column of the map. After dueling the Traitor, the first path continues here on Wednesday with "Ambushed", which requires you to do ambush stagecoach for 8 hours. The first path continues at on Forest through the end.

The second path has three quests here, with most quests coming from the sheriff. The second quest, Searching (exploration 9 hours is the first). The fifth quest of the second path (Guarding) is also on Wednesday, because you're guarding the same stage you would have been ambushing. The last quest is the third, and the requirements for the last quest of both paths is the same: beat Scott, generally continued to be the best NPC opponent of the game.

Planning Ahead - First Path
Green shawl (both paths, before decision)
Schofield (the firearm, and that's the regular version, not rusty or precise)

Roll with wire (1)
Dynamite (5)
Rounds (10)
Pocket watch (4)

Jobs (besides those required for products)
Grave robber (both paths, before decision)
Bounty hunter
Ambush stagecoach
Robbing trains
Prison guard (not transporting prisoners as stated on West Stats)

Planning Ahead - Second Path
Green shawl (both paths, before decision)

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