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The Pride of Taern is not a new game but an imported browser MMORPG from Poland that just released in English for the international market. As one of the most popular titles in Poland, it's critically acclaimed in its tactical combat, extensive guild system, non-linear storyline and isometric graphics, etc..

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As usual, all starts from character creation, involving selection of gender, name and class as well as customization in looks. Amongst, only the class influences gameplay – there are seven different classes for players to choose from, depending on the illustrated attribute stats of each class and their combat style. Once the creation is done, players head to tutorial quests, of which role-playing and the multi-choices of story (and morality) are directly delivered. Rolling on with the story, players will need to protect Mother at home, search for younger brother in the ruined city and help those in need. In the beginning, quests are offered with several options but without hard choice, and gradually evolved into different experiences for different players. Will you kill a gravely wounded to put and end to his misery as he asked, or walk away? It's your choice.

Combat that requires tactical thinking is another striking feature of the game. Distribute your action points wisely in defense and attack. When confronting different enemies, players need to set up specific plans in enhancing defensive abilities in melee, ranged or mental, and decide whether they would like to focus on critical hitting or adopt the many light strikes to defeat enemies. And even after death, players also want luck to smile upon the body, for there is a draw that decides what players lose to opponents. It's sheer luck's call that players lose gold, xp or items. Death plus a wrong card equal a bad day.

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