The Pride of Taern: Getting Sarted

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The Pride of Taern

Welcome, new players, to the world of taern! Taern is an in-depth expansive browser MMORPG. Players will experience an amazing combat system as well as in-depth party and guild systems. The following with be a basic introduction to get you started in the world of taern.

Note: Not a newbie? Feel free to read anyway! You can also consult the wiki for specific information.

[I just want to add that THIS part of wiki is made specifically for new, and inexperienced players - Mysth]

So lets get started!

Character creation: 

Assuming you have made an account and logged in you will be presented with a small video introduction. It is highly recommend that you watch this video as it provides the base for the games storyline. 

TIP: Skipped the intro? Click "intro" in the top left corner of the character select screen to re-watch it.

Now that you have an idea of the background of the game, you will be presented with the character select screen. It should look something like this:

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

Note: your screen shouldn't have a character created already.

The first thing you will want to do is create a character. In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a "create character" button. Click it and you will be taken to the server select screen. Select the server that is closest to you as lag can be an issue in this game. 

Once you have selected your server you will be asked to enter the name and gender of your character. Keep in mind that these are NOT permanent and can be changed using platinum. Once you have selected a name and gender you will be presented with a menu allowing you to choose your class.

In Taern, your class is extremely important. Taern is very much a team oriented game so picking a role you like can be the difference between liking and hating the game. It is recommended that you check this page as it has in depth info on each of the classes. In this guide I will use a fire mage. 

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

TIP: Even though the picture shows a girl/guy your character will still be the gender that you have chosen. 

Once class selection is complete you can customize your avatars face with several different options.

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

Looking good, am I rite?

Finally, your last step before entering into the world of taern is to add some stats to your character. During class selection the description will mention your most important stat, it is good to remember it. Clicking next will then display a welcome message welcoming you to the world of taern.

First steps:

So now that you have a character, your very first step is to log into the game world. To do this, simply click the "log in" button under your characters picture. 

TIP: The first time you load everything it may take time, after that load times will speed up significantly.

After another short video you will end up in a house with a few NPC's (non-player characters) and perhaps a few other players as well. Moving forward will trigger a popup dialog and you will challenge the NPC to a fight.

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

now that's a name only a mother could love

During this combat the game will give you a basic tutorial on the combat system. This is only the basics and you will eventually find your own style of play.

after the tutorial a message will display about resting to restore hp, mana and stamina. This is important as it is the most used way to heal yourself after a fight. After resting for a few moments your ready to talk to your mother. 

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

This is where another interesting game feature comes in to play. Moral decision making, do you want to do it the good way or just get it done? As you advance further in the game you will get harder choices that carry longer lasting effects. 

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

Character limit in this game on names is too short ><

After finishing the dialog you will be asked to go find your brother. To leave the house go to the door and double click.

The first thing you will see upon leaving is an NPC lying half dead at the top of the stairs. You may also see a player or two depending on how populated the server is.

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

When you talk to this NPC another moral decision will soon become apparent. I do not want to ruin the storyline so I will not go into specifics. However suffice to say once you have finished the dialog you will be told where to find your brother.

When entering the park you will have to fight another battle. I recommend using only melee attacks as they are quick and powerful. After walking south a bit you will see your brother lying against a rail. After witnessing your bothers death, and then being overjoyed when you find your dog again you go to head back to your mother. 

On the way back you will see an NPC, it is optional to talk to him but doing so displays a small dialog where you discover he was the one who killed your brother. You then proceed to kill him.

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

TIP: On the way back to your mothers there are several NPC's. They are optional to fight but give decent exp. It is quite possible to obtain level 2 before leaving. 

After talking to your mother and convincing her to come, you are off to the port to catch the ship. To do so you must talk to the guard blocking the way. At this point if you select the bottom option you have the ability to do a side quest. Again, I won't go into details but the quest gives you some gold and a decent exp boost. 

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

Once you enter the port you will talk to another NPC who will try to find your mother. At this point he will ask you to rescue someone from a burning house. You can use the "Map/Quests" page to find what house it is.

The Pride of Taern: Getting started

Once you have rescued the person from the house you should head to the ship. When you reach it you will battle someone. There is no way to win this fight. You will die and a small cut-scene will present itself. You will then wake up on the ship.

This has been your basic guide to getting started in taern. I will continue to write these when I get the time. Good luck in the world of taern!

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