The Mummy Online – Amazing or Awful?

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The Mummy Online is brought to us by BigPoint which created the success story, Battlefield Heroes. A fun light hearted fps-rpg based on the battlefield style game play. It would seem they're trying to expand into the free to play web-game market. While i'd love to to say it was a huge success... I'm afraid I can't say anything of the sort.

The Mummy Online Artwork

The game uses the unity web player, which well... I hate a pet-peeve for. It doesn't produce the most amazing graphics, but they're nice compared to some games, however the absurd amount of pc resources it requires for something very little simply makes me ask the question, why not make this a downloadable game and make it a game of quality?

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Putting graphics and engines aside, the game is based on 2 factions to choose from, Raiders and Cultists and they both have the same three classes; A mage, A gunslingers and A melee class. These are all pretty boring and unimaginative and feel like they're just taken out of a fantasy rpg and dropped into The Mummy Online setting.

The game play is very boring and repetitive, screenshots will have you believe that with those graphics it might have an action or FPS feel to it, but no; it's a point and click boring rpg drole.

The Mummy Online Screenshot

I played the game as a Raider Gunslinger, I thought that would be the most fun class to play, but I was surprised to find that it was not. The skills were all very samey and I found I didn't need them. After a finishing the lengthy tutorial I hoped the real fun would begin, but the game revolves around PvP and controlling area's and there isn't much else to do besides that, admittedly while fun for a short time... some other content needs to be added to hold my attention longer than that.

The game is very money grabby and reminds you that you can always spend money if you want and this is something I damn right hate (APB comes to mind) and it isn't a fun purchase if you've been nagged into it by the game.

The Mummy Online Artwork

It's not all bad; it was a great attempt at something new but lacked imagination and a decent platform to make the game on. I'd love to see the game after it finishes with beta and they take the customers opinion into consideration and hopefully it'll improve from there.

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