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The Lost Titans is a new browser based MMORPG from ZQ Games, it aims to bring higher resolution graphics through the installation of their small plug-in to allow gamers to get a fully downloaded game's feel in their small browser based game. In a lot of ways, it does deliver, but in some it could still use some work.

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Immediately when joining the game, you get to create your character. It gives you the choice of your gender, three classes (Warrior, Ranger, and Mage), and the choice for some options on the customization of your character. The customization options are a bit lackluster as it gives you enough to differentiate yourself from other players, but that is about it.

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Combat in the game is fairly generic as well; it is the standard click to attack/move. The nice thing about it however, is that they don't try to flood you with too many skills for combat, which does simplify it a bit and does make it really easy to pick up. That mixed with the auto-combat and auto-pathing that the game provides makes it rather easy to get into and worry-free most of the time.

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The pet system in the game feels a bit awkward in its design. Instead of having players capture or train pets of their level, they decided to add another aspect to it, which is the combat rating. This is determined by different aspects of your character, including the gear and their levels. So if you meet the level requirement, but not the combat rating, that means no pet for you. This is a weird system to have implemented and can make it take longer than it needs to for you to be able to get your first pet.

Quests in the game are for the most part, rather standard; you have the main story quests and side quests. They're the normal gather, kill, and talk to quests, which we are all used to from that tried and tested formula of MMOs. They only do try to spice it up a bit is when they throw in an instance here and there, which allows you to go in and farm equipment depending on the difficulty you choose. There are also other quests such as bounties for specific monsters, which actually give you a little bounty letter for you to click on and get auto-pathed to, which is a neat little addition.

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One thing I did find a bit negative about the game is the experience levels, for something that takes a bit of a casual game stance by having the in-game bot and auto-pathing, the amount of time it takes to level is a bit high. The exp rates on creatures is also fairly low which makes it that much longer, and forces you to grind quests for a bit faster exp. One of the real negative aspects of this is that the game has you choose a faction rather early and there are a lot of open PVP areas around, which adding that to you being pretty much fodder for the higher levels, makes leveling at times a real chore.

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Graphics are a rather big highlight for the game, as they do use a rather small plugin, which brings about the flexibility to deliver a closer-to-download type experience in terms of graphics. Animations are fairly well done, and the art style is very cartoonish, and while I hate to compare it too, but is closer in the style of games like WoW. On the other hand they also gave the game an awkward resolution that you cannot change, which makes it feel rather bunched up on your screen; this tends to make the screen feel rather crowded and make things like text overlap a bit too much.

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The game has some major hiccups that need to be addressed, which the visual appeal cannot fully cover. It seems to be confused on what audience it is intended for, the hardcore players that will invest a lot of time each week, or the casual who would log in here and there to quest and grind. Don't get me wrong, the game does have potential if they polish out some of the features, but right now it is a game for those that who can look past the flaws and invest the time needed to progress, and not be overly sensitive about the PvP that is thrust on you rather early.

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