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Game facts:

• Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
• Type: full 3D MMO ARPG
• Platform: Browser-based with small plug-in


The Lost Titans is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game set in a fantasy world based off of Greek mythology.

In a land settled by two Titans of old, long after leaving Earth behind, peace has been shattered. The nations they founded have gone to war after the Titan of Light, Hyperion, was betrayed and ambushed by rival Titan, and former friend, Ophion, who now seeks to seize power over the all the land. Ophion split Hyperion's soul into three pieces, scattered throughout the land and sealed away.

As a newly trained Warrior of Light, join fellow players in repelling Ophion's army, journeying across the land and growing ever stronger as you seek to end the war and save Hyperion.

Join one of the three Great Houses in the City of Light and fight for honor, glory, and justice. With access to legendary equipment, ferocious creatures as companions, and a plethora of powerful skills, ply the depths of the realm for great sure and slay the dark things of the world on your way to restore balance to the world.

Game Features

- Cleave your way through hordes of vicious enemies across many diverse and beautiful environments and dungeons. Ambitious sense of scale in combat pits players against huge numbers of enemies.

- Intriguing and unique combat skills, including directional, reactive, and area-of-effect attacks, encourage tactical combat with emphasis on placement and movement.

- A high degree of available character optimization and upgrades options. The player can choose from not only a wide array of equipment, but their abilities and equipment can all be upgraded, and can even be enhanced by gems and runes, which can themselves also be upgraded.

- Adopt and train interesting and unique beasts, using a highly customizable system to command and fight alongside your pet.

- Three factions instead of two leads to a distinct PvP paradigm in the open world and in battlegrounds. Always fighting on two fronts and having two enemies to worry about, but potentially being able to pit them against each other, creates new experiences.

Gameplay Video:


The Lost Titans Screenshot

The Lost Titans Screenshot

The Lost Titans Screenshot

The Lost Titans Screenshot

The Lost Titans Screenshot

The Lost Titans Screenshot



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