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The Kingdoms of Loathing

How do you get more adventures?

In the Kingdom of Loathing, there is a limited amount of adventures you can use per day. They are represented by the hourglass image. When this hourglass reaches 0, you can no longer adventure and will be told "You dont have any time left for today" if you try.

You can earn more adventures by eating foods. You can only eat a certain amount of food a day, before you become full. Different foods give different "fullness", as well. Just because you can't shove down one more pizza does not mean that there won't be room for a tomato. Be sure to experiment with different foods! Some are better than others.

You can also earn more adventures by drinking alcohol. Just like food, some booze is better than others, so experiment. Beware, however, once you become too drunk, you can no longer adventure normally. The amount of alcohol you can drink can be increased by completing a quest later on.

Finally, you sleep. Not in the Kingdom, but in real life.

Rollover - what is it and when?

Every day at rollover (which occurs at approximately 10:30 PM New York time (Eastern United States time), plus or minus an hour and lasts around 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the day*), you lose all drunkeness, become "unfull", and gain more adventures. The default is 40 adventures a day, but this can be increased to 63 adventures by having certain clan and campground furnishings, and by wearing certain equipment. The 'stored' cap on adventures is 200.
*Please note: for the duration of "SummerTime" in the United States, rollover follows the time in Arizona, which does not have Summer Time.*
* Rollover on Sundays to Fridays inclusive are usually approximately half an hour; sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter.
Saturday rollovers are the longest and take around two hours (as a general rule), as much needful stuff gets done that allows for the shorter rollovers for the rest of the week.

How do I get food and booze?

Just like any items in the game, you adventure for them, or buy them from shops. It is also possible to mix or cook ingredients into even better dishes, but you need special tools for this. Be sure to check out all of the vendors in market square, and get a general idea of what they are selling. It may be of use to you.

I got beaten up!

• You can regain HP and heal your bruises by resting in your campsite, or by using certain items. There is a vendor located in Market Square who sells some healing items, as well, and you can find a few by adventuring.
• If you still have questions about this, feel free to ask them in this thread
I'm drunk. What do I do?

Sadly, there is no way to lose drunkeness, except by waiting. You lose all drunkeness at rollover, which occurs at the time mentioned above. There are a few things you can do while drunk, such as work out in a clan gym, rest in your campground, shop in Seaside Town, or... -hic- ... fall down into the ditch.

I'm full! How do I become hungry again?

Same as above. Wait until rollover.

What's this event mentioned under the main map? It wasn't there yesterday!

Just like that "real world" place, the Kingdom is a world where reoccurring holidays take place. On certain days of the Calendar of Loathing, you will see a note under the main map, and many special events, both small and large, will take place throughout the kingdom.

If one of these appears, keep an eye out for a stickied thread for info about the holiday, or click the relevant link below!

Note there are other reoccuring events in the kingdom, too, so keep your eye out and you may be pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised.

What's a clan?

A clan is basically a group of players. There are many advantages to being in a clan. Certain clan furniture will provide a place to spend adventures while drunk, or will provide a few extra adventures to you. You also can earn access to the "clan stash", were you can trade items with your clan members, for something called "karma". You lose karma by taking items, and you gain karma by putting items in. However, you cannot use any more karma in one day than the maximum amount allowed by your clan leader.

• Have other questions about clan karma? Feel free to ask them in this thread
• Have a clan and looking for members, or looking for a clan? Please post about it in this thread only.
• Need advice on clan administration? Try this thread
• Think your clan's meat plants aren't working/not sure how they works? Questions about Meat Plants
• Wondering about clan warfare? Ask about it in this thread
Can I quit/leave a clan?

What's a Basement and what can I do there?


Administrative question and answers go in this thread -

Starting out in clan Basements - administrative questions
General Hobopolis questions and answers can be found in this thread -
Hobopolis Help Needed Please... (adventuring questions)
Queries about the Code Binder or Glyphs go here -
Hobo Code Binder help
Queries about Loot and its Distribution go here -
Hobopolis Loot question ..

What is ascension?

Ascension is a feature that enables you to start your character over at level 1, as a new class, while keeping a skill from your current class. Ascension is completely optional. You do not have to ascend until you want to. But why would you want to, you ask?

  • New items
  • New familiars
  • New areas
  • New recipes
  • New skills and abilities

For more information, please refer to the ascension FAQ




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